SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Korean Beauty Review

SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Korean Beauty Review

SUM:37 has somewhat of a cult following in South Korea.

I feel like I say this about nearly every Korean beauty brand, because, if we're really being honest, the Koreans know a lot about beauty, and (at least in my opinion) make some of the worlds best beauty products.

In case you're wondering why on earth this South African blogger is writing about Korean Beauty products, I'll fill you in. Hubby and I taught English & lived in Korea for 4 years (a year in 2010 and 3 consecutive years from 2013 - 2016). If you'd like to read more on our adventures there (and read all the travel guides I created on the places we traveled to from there) then scroll through the posts below:

And now, back to SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick.

SUM:37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick Korean Beauty Review

In my humble opinion, this handy little face cleanser is indeed what it's name suggests, a miracle.

It's formulation is non-drying, it's incredibly easy to travel with as it takes up none of your liquid allowance when flying & best of spills!

It's also very easy to use, simply apply in a circular motion to wet skin.

As soon as the stick comes into contact with water it will form a gentle foam that you simply cleanse your face with and rinse when done.

It's very gently on your skin, and doesn't leave me feeling tingly or dry after use. I've been using it everyday for the past year and just love everything about it.

I've just moved onto my final stick (the last of the stock I brought back with me when I left Korea in June last year) and will have to find a way of restocking now that I'm in South Africa.

While in Korea, I bought the cleansing stick online through Gmarket (here is a link to a seller which I haven't personally used but which seems to have gotten good reviews).

Unfortunately the seller I used to buy from no longer seems to sell. I used to purchase the cleansing stick in a pack of two, and it came with the packaging you can see in the photos which is apparently a limited edition print. I never had any problems with 'fakes' either, and found it to be slightly cheaper online, especially if the seller gave free shipping.

Price ranges from about W20 000 for an 80g stick. 

Are there any cleansers out there that you love and couldn't live without? Leave me a comment below, I love finding new beauty recommendations!