My name is Roxy and I am here to help creative businesses, just like yours, stand out online with beautiful visuals tailor made for their unique brands.

Whether you’re here looking for stock photography, wondering why visuals matter or just popping in to see what I am all about, welcome! 

Here’s a warm hello to say that I am incredibly happy that you are here. 

I am a South African wife & mom to Everly Rose (18 months) & Aaron Jack (1 month) and I’ve been blogging for the last eight years.

It has been through blogging that I have fallen in love with photography!

"Whether I am photographing people and capturing their natural beauty, working on a styled shoot or creating visual brand images, I am passionate about the power of images to craft a compelling story."


I started my creative journey back in 2010 with a travel blog; Farmboy & Citygirl Hit Asia, to document my life and travels in South Korea.

I quickly grew to love blogging and sharing helpful information with people and so once I got back home to South Africa in 2011 after a year in Korea I needed a way to continue blogging, but with more of a focus on lifestyle and the pretty things I love.

This is how CityGirlSearching (the CGS to my new brand CGScreative) came to life.

CityGirlSearching has covered the past 8 years of my life, from our vintage farm wedding (this CityGirl really did marry a Farmboy), to our second move to South Korea to teach English in 2012.

The blog documented our travels all over South East Asia, the rescue of our furbaby (Shadow the Jindo) and more recently, my entrepreneurial journey as I take CityGirlSearching the blog, and turn it into CGScreative the business.

Since moving back home to South Africa, Farmboy and I have moved onto the family dairy farm where he farms alongside his Dad. I am now a stay at home/work from home mommy, trying to balance looking after 2 kids, while still following my passion for blogging & photography. I spend my days sharing snippets of our farm life on Instagram, making Kombucha and yoghurt, washing cloth nappies and generally soaking up the beauty of the place we now call home. Oh, and we also have an array of furry creatures (cats, dogs, chickens…and not to mention the sheep & cows which surround our home) and which keep us all entertained.

The business side of what I do here is focused on designing beautiful websites that truly reflect my clients brands, as well as creating brand imagery (through creative portraits & styled stock photos) that help my clients stand out from the crowd.

I want to help creatives feel empowered and full of courage to share their gifts with the world. And part of that is giving them the visual imagery to stand out, so that their brand can connect with their audiences in a meaningful way.

Together, we will create brand imagery that delights and inspires.

Are you ready to find out more?