Day 3 of the 2018 Flats & Handwashing Nappy Challenge - Share your favourite flat fold

Hello again and welcome to Day 3 of the 2018 Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Cloth Diaper Revival.  

It's day 3 of the 7 day challenge, during which I will be using only flats and covers as nappies, and I will be handwashing them to get them clean. No modern cloth nappies, no washing machines & no tumble dryers. Am I crazy? Probably! But I am up for the challenge and I can't wait to bring you along with me through my blog and Instagram.

You can scroll through my previous cloth nappy posts here:

For those of you wondering what on earth the flats challenge is all about, here is some more info for you:

Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry founded the Flats and Handwashing Challenge eight years ago as a way to bring awareness that cloth diapers are a valid option for families in need, struggling to provide diapers for their baby. 

"Our aim is not to say that every poor family facing the supremely difficult choice of buying diapers or food should use cloth diapers. That would be short-sighted of us to think it's an answer for every family. The flats challenge is a way to show that for families willing and able, babies can be diapered for less than $100 or even $50 and without owning a washing machine. It is a viable option for families who are in homes without washing machines and an effective one." ~Kim Rosas, Dirty Diaper Laundry

Share your favourite flat fold

Today's prompt is all about sharing the different flat folds you can get.

The beauty of a flat nappy, is that there are so many different folds you can do.

Some folds put more layers in the front/back and are therefore better suited to boys, and others to girls. Some folds are bulkier, and others are quicker to do. I only really know how to do the origami fold (pictured below) and so this is my favourite fold. Oh, I just realised a padfold is a type of fold too. Padfolding is literally folding your flat to make a pad. I use a smaller flat padfolded to boost the wetzone of my origami fold, which you can see below (red flat is in origami fold and white flat is pad folded):

Origami fold for flats cloth nappies south africa.jpg
Origami fold on baby flats challenge cloth nappies south africa

The fluffy white piece of fabric folded next to the flat is a fleece liner, which goes on top of the middle part of the nappy and creates a stay-dry layer for baby. It also makes it very easy to remove the poo from the nappy. I've found fleece liners invaluable during this challenge (most poops just slide right off the fleece meaning washing nappies later is much easier because your only really dealing with wet nappies which come clean with lots of soaking and rinsing. It's as easy as fold the dirty fleece liner and plop the poop straight into the toilet. Fleece liners are also very easy to wash and dry very, very quickly. 

You can buy disposable/biodegradable liners,but even though those liners say they are flushable and biodegradable, they definitely will clog up your toilet system, so using fleece liners is definitely the better way to go. They are also REALLY cheap and you can make them yourself at home. Just cut up an old fleece blanket (or buy some fleece fabric from a fabric store) and your good to go. No sewing required!

Here's a quick and easy step by step breakdown of the origaimi fold by Gypsy Hippie Mamma:

origami-fold cloth flat nappies.jpg

The above may look a little complicated, but I promise you it's really easy once you practice a few times. You can even fold up all your flats in once go and store them in a pile to save time when it comes to putting the nappies on later.

And now here's my little girl, sitting pretty in her origami folded flat nappy and Buttons cover...

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