Great Coffee shops in Korea: Florida Cafe, Gwangju South Korea

Florida Cafe Gwangju Awesome Coffee Shops Cafes in South Korea

To celebrate the start of 2016, Farmboy and I headed to Gwangju with some friends. We spent New Years eve having dinner at the popular First Alleyway (good burgers and board games!), and then headed for a few drinks and festivities at Speakeasy.

We spent New Years day relaxing and recovering from a full night of dancing (why I insisted on wearing heels, I'll never know) and then found the most AMAZING authentic burger place (one of the only places was open on New Years day!) called Burger Bridge (blog post to come soon).

We then spent New Years day evening at Florida Cafe. I can't wait to share with you the photographs of this beautiful, modern cafe in downtown Gwangju.

Florida Cafe is in Downtown is in Dong-gu, Downtown Gawngju (as someone who doesn't actually live in Gwangju it's nice to find an area that has all the stores and cafes you need without having to travel too far). This cafe is situated across the road from the Arts Center downtown. The few streets surrounding Florida Cafe are filled with so many upmarket cafes, stores and restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice and can spend a whole weekend strolling around the streets from one good food place to another. We stayed at Hertz Guesthouse (click here for the post on this awesome, budget-friendly, DOG-FRIENDLY guesthouse a 2-minute walk from Florida Cafe). 

The cafe was beautifully decorated for Christmas and New Year. The owners have such a beautful eye when it comes to design and decor, and I spent the first half hour of our visit photographing EVERYTHING.

The atmosphere of the cafe was what drew us in first. We had to wait a while for a table (we didn't mind though) and this just goes to show how popular they are with the locals. I had a delicious hot chocolate, which came complete with the cutest little puppy design on it) and a very yummy choc-chip cookie. The staff were so attentive, making sure there were enough phone chargers at their mobile charging station (how call is that?) and were more than happy to top up Komodoness' hot lemon drink with more lemons! 

Address: 동구 장동 76, Gwangju

Phone:  062-228-2255

You can also find them on Facebook by clicking here.