Cambodia Through Photographs


When Farmboy and I were living in South Korea back in 2010, we headed over to Cambodia for the first of our holidays.

Here are a few photographs from our travels through an incredible country full history. They were mostly taken by Farmboy, I learned everything I know about photography from him.

We spent time in Siem Riep so we could see the Angkor Wat temples and ruins, took an over night bus to the coastal town of Sihnoukville and from there, a boat took us to paradise (aka Lazy Beach).

You can read a full in-depth post on the how's and the what's over here on our old travel blog. 

We were a little younger in these photographs, and we have learnt since learnt a little more about traveling and what to pack (most importantly a first aid kit for the bumps and scratches and tummy aches you will inevitably endure). 

If you have any questions about our trip, please feel free to pop me an email here.