Etude House Play 101 Eyeliner Pencil in #3 & #18 {Review}

Etude House Play 101 Eyeliner Review

I recently picked up these eyeliners on sale at Etude House for only W3 000, 50% off their regular price of W6 000. I must say that I really wasn't expecting much from them considering they were on sale for so few pennies. I picked up the first one #18 by mistake. The saleslady gave me the wrong pencil by accident and I didn't realise until after I had used it. I was rather annoyed, until Farmboy commented on my makeup, saying how pretty it looked, and then I decided it was actually rather a nice new addition to the dark shades I already own.

#18 is a soft pastel shade of lilac and is very light. It goes on almost white (which is great for highlighting and opening up your eyes). I have noticed a lot of Koreans use a light shade of eyeliner/glitter dust on their waterline which opens up their eyes and makes them look brighter and larger.

#3 is my favourite of the two and is a smoky, glittery dark purple, grey shade. It's dark enough to finish off a smoky eye, but with the bits of glitter in it make it still very feminine, as opposed to vampy. I use this shade with both light makeup on my eyes as well as for a darker, smokier look.

These pencils are wind up, so no fussing with a pencil sharpener. They are also a gel-like consistency which makes them glide easily onto your eye lid. They are easily removed with makeup remover, but they stay put on your eyelid. I have used them with an eye primer and right on my lid with no base and they have lasted the entire day without smudging or going creasing. Pretty amazing little pencils.

I may return soon for some of their more playful colours (I spied a teal and an emerald green which could be fun to play around with).

Have you tried these eyeliners before? What did you think of them?