Innisfree Canola Honey Serum {Review}


At the beginning of winter here in Korea my skin really needed some extra moisture and I had been wanting to try a serum for a while. In case you were wondering, serums are a more concentrated form of essence that is packed with vitamins that seeps into the skin. Most people (or I should say Koreans as I have yet to meet any one else who uses so many products in their skin care regime) use serums and essences as additional steps in their skin care routine. Ideally, your DAYTIME skincare routine would follow the following steps:

  • Cleanse

  • Tone

  • Essence

  • Serum/Amploue

  • Eye Cream

  • Lotion/Cream Moistouriser depending on your skin needs (lotions are lighter in formulation while creams are 'thicker' delivering more moisture.

  • Suncream

Most serums and essences are rather pricey, granted they contain much higher concentrations of key ingredients, vitamins and minerals, but I find I still can only justify one so choose to use a serum. This particular honey serum from Innisfree was priced at W16 000 when I bought it and has lasted me the entire winter season.

The product comes in a very handy pump dispenser, which means it it also very hygienic. No more dipping dirty fingers into pots and jars of cream. I use 2 pumps of product for my skin. The texture is just like honey, and it smells just like honey. It's the most bizarre but very pleasant experience. Even though it feels and smells like honey, this serum is not sticky, sinking into your skin after a few moments of wear. It's also non greasy and can be worn both day and night time, without leading to shiny skin when worn during the day. 


Overall I have loved using this serum and it has given my skin the extra boost of moisture it needed during the winter. It also felt and smelt wonderful while applying, and I will most definitely be purchasing it again when mine runs out.