Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream {Review}

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream Review

The Eco Science range is an anti ageing line of products from one of Korea's natural skincare brands, Innisfree. It's no secret that I love Innisfree and spend an unhealthy amount of time in there (my Instagram feed is proof to my obsession with this brand!). 

I first read about this eye cream from Sheryl (one of my favourite Asian skincare gurus) and she raved about it. I had been using the Olay Total Effects Eye Transforming Cream (I even brought a tub over back in 2013 when we came to Korea the second time) but I must say this Innisfree one is even better. This is my second tube and I just can't get enough of it.

What it says on the box "This skincare product is naturally derived with wrinkle treatment that promotes skin vitality with marine plants from the clean and pure ocean of Jeju Island. It contains marine plants that are rich in Vitamin A and minerals to rejuvenate the ageing skin and to foster the self protective power of the skin.

The cream comes in a pump tube and dispenses exactly the right amount of cream for both eyes. I hate eye cream in tubs as I never know how much to use and either end up wasting it or not using enough and having dry under eye areas. This handy tube does all the guess work for you. 

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream Review

I have most definitely noticed a reduction in the nasty little fine lines that started appearing around my eyes last year (I am going to say they are my smile and laughter lines because I am always smiling!).  My eye area looks plump and smooth after applying the cream and I love the texture of the cream. It's smooth and easily sinks into the skin.

Innisfree Eco Science Eye Cream Review

I will be on to my third bottle soon, and even though it is on the pricier end of the scale (W28 000 for 30ml) it's absolutely worth it for me. I usually stock up my skincare products when Innisfree has their monthly 20% - 50% sales.