Innisfree Face Designing Duo Contour & Highlighter {Review}


This duo highlighter and face contour powder is one of my current makeup favourites! You can see it in action in my 'Get Ready With Me Youtube Video'. 

Half of the compact is a highlighter, and the other half is a darker shade specifically for contouring. If any of you are wondering what exactly contouring is, it's basically using different shades of makeup to slightly change the appearance of your face structure. In other words, defining your cheekbones, slimming areas and giving you a more defined face. I have always been very put off by the huge number of steps involved in a lot of contouring tutorials. Most contouring involves the use of both a highlighter and a contour powder and so this powder helps me to take a lot of the guess work out of which powder should go where as it's already got both products in one. This powder works best with an angled makeup brush (pictured below) as an this type of brush really helps to define and contour without spreading product all over the place.


This particular product comes in three shades; #1 Cozy Afternoon Sunlight, #2 Calm Sunset and #3 Leafy Path. I have shade #2 which I found to be just right for my skin tone. The shade on the left hand side is the highlighter and contains shimmer pigments which really give your face a pretty glow. The darker shade on the right is the contouring shade. Both are highly pigmented and I found it lasts all day long! You can use each side separately for a definition, or use them like I do, together, for an easy and subtle highlighting and contouring effect.

Image from  InnisfreeWorld

Image from InnisfreeWorld

I bought mine at the Innisfree store in my town for W12 000. 

Have you ever tried this highlighter and contour powder? Do you have any other contouring or highlighting products that you love? Please share them below!