I'm From Honey Mask {Review}

It's winter here in Korea, and the icy cold wind has wrecked havoc on my normal to combination skin.

I hate the feeling of having tight skin after a hot bath (thank goodness for my bath tub...even though it's a shocking shade of pink nothing beats a hot bath after a day of being out in cold). I've been using and loving this Honey Mask from I'm from which was kindly set to me by WishTrend to review.

I'm from is a Korean skincare company that I hadn't heard of before trying this product. I initially though there must have been something lost in translation when I say first saw the jar as their name sounded very unusual. I kept trying to understand 'where' they were from.

This mask is very difficult to get your hands on here in Korea. Due to it's popularity it's often out of stock online. It's currently in stock on WishTrend, an online Korean beauty store which delivers worldwide.

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I'm from prides itself on producing "good cosmetics with good ingredients".

Their brand philosophy is as follows:

  • Honest Provider
  • Clean Environment
  • Quality First

I love how sweet their translation is of what must be phrases translated from Korean.

So back to the Honey, honey.

So what's so great about honey anyway? Honey has a number of different benefits for your skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties, is calming and smoothing (this is great for anyone whose skin gets red and inflamed), has anti-bacterial properties because of the presence of an enzyme that makes hydrogen peroxide (great for anyone with trouble skin ) and has a whole host of skin repairing properties. 

Honey also acts as a great anti-aging agent and moisturizer and is rich in natural antioxidants that have anti-microbial properties. These antioxidants help protect your skin from harmful UV rays and facilitate the skin’s ability to rejuvenate. Honey also has the ability to absorb and retain moisture and this helps in keeping the skin well hydrated, fresh and supple. So, what's not to like about honey? Now you could go and lather honey from a jar directly onto your face, but this Honey Mask from I'm From has a whole lot of other nutrients (Lotus Water, Macadamia Oil, Beeswax, Sophora extract, snail slime filtrate, jojoba seed, sunflower seed oil, grapefruit extract, bamboo water...) to help your skin look it's best.

The I'm From Honey mask contains 38.7% pure honey from Jiri Mountain here in Korea. Most other products that list honey as an ingredient actually contain honey essence or extract. The I'm From mask contains real honey, not just a diluted version of honey. 

Here is a full list of the ingredients:

The Honey Mask is packaged in a glass jar with 120g of product. The product also comes with a small white spatula to apply to apply the product to your skin. I lost that somewhere along the way and now just use my fingers.

The honey mask product itself is very thick and has a gel like consistency. As most of the ingredients are natural, there will be some normal separation in the jar. I like to leave the jar upside down on the side of the bath so all the honey goodness settles at the top. It has a very sticky consistency but isn't runny, and globs together making it very easy to apply to your skin. 

How to Use

Cleanse your face thoroughly (I have been loving my Klairs Gentle Black Deep Cleansing Oil). While your face is still wet apply a dollop of the face mask, massaging gently into your skin. You'll notice the mask has quite a strong, sweet honey smell. I wasn't sure about the smell at first but it fades after a while. Leave on for 20 minutes (or as long as you can).

When you rinse your face you'll notice how incredibly soft your skin. The more you wash the more of the product you'll remove. If you have oilier skin then you might want to keep washing until you've removed all the product. I like to do a quick rinse of my skin, so I can still feel a little of the mask on my skin. My skin isn't left oily, but the remaining mask acts as an extra serum, leaving my skin velvety smooth. 

Then simply apply the rest of your skin care products (click here for my post on the popular 10 step Korean Skin care routine). When I'm in a rush and don't have time to wait for the face mask, I use the mask as a cleanser. I apply it to damp skin and then massage it in, leave for a minute or two and then rinse off with warm water.

This face mask is a real life saver during winter. I use it about once a week (or even more often when my skin is feeling extra dry and tight). It's last me a very long time as a little really does go a long way.

You can purchase the I'm from Honey Mask online through Wishtrend for $37.90. It seems like a lot of money for a face mask but I would really recommend this one. It leaves your skin velvety soft, smells wonderful and really will last you a very long time. 

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What's your favourite face mask? Do you think you'd like to to try this honey mask? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!