DIY Magnetic Pen Holder for the Fridge

DIY magnetic pen holder for the fridge

After spending countless hours searching for pens around the house when I need to jot down notes in the kitchen, I finally sat down and made my own magnetic pen holder for the fridge!

And you know was SO EASY!

The only thing you might not have on hand is the magnets, but apart from those (they are sort of the main element for this DIY though) you probably have everything else lying around at home.

I found these strong little round magnets at a hobby shop a few years ago, and used them for making my own button magnets for Christmas presents a while ago. I always keep some of them around because they are incredibly useful for all sorts of fun DIY crafts.

If you do end up making one of these yourself, I'd love to see it! Share a photo over on Facebook or Instagram and tag me in it (@CGScreative) so I can see.

DIY Magnetic Pen Holder for the Fridge

DIY magnetic pen holder for the fridge

What you need:

  • small box (I used an old medicine box that was long enough to hold a pen)
  • super glue
  • strong magnets (I used 3 little ones)
  • various bits of fabric tape/washi tape
  • scissors
  • lace/ribbon to decorate
how to make your own DIY magnetic pen holder for the fridge


1. Cut the end off of your box. Make sure to keen the other end intact, otherwise you're going to loose your pens!

2. Wrap your box in washi tape (or fabric tape or whatever fabric you have on hand). I used a sticky backed fabric tape to cover most of the box as my washi tape wasn't thick enough to cover the writing. Once the first layer of fabric tape was done, I used a pretty floral washi tape to complete my box.

Don't worry about going all the way around the box with your tape. I didn't want to waste washi tape on the back as it's never going to be seen and will face the fridge anyway.

4. Using super glue, place glue on the centre of your magnets, and then place the magnets on the back of your box.

Be careful not to stick your fingers together (I've done this plenty of times...not fun!).

5. The fun part...decorating! I used a piece of white lace to make a pretty bow and tied it around my box.

You can really go crazy with this, using string, pegs, washi tape and all sorts of other fun elements.

And voila!

No more searching your home for pens when you need to write your shopping list!

These pen holders also make great gifts too!

how to make a magnetic pen holder for your fridge

If you do try this easy & fun DIY, share a photo on Instagram or Facebook...I'd love to see what you create. 

Happy crafting!