DIY Hanging Photo Display using Square prints from Sticky9 & a GIVEAWAY!!!

Welcome to the next instalment in my #DIYDaysInKorea series. These posts are about making beautiful things for your home, whether that home is in South Korea, South Africa, or any where else in the world. This post follows on from the Gold Animal Fridge Magnets and these jars are what I used to store the Fig jam I blogged about last year.

If you are based here in Korea and would like to join one of my DIY days (click here to see what went on at the previous get togethers we've had) you can pop on over to the Facebook group for more information.  It's a wonderful place to meet new friends and spend an afternoon.

I hope you enjoy this series and that you leave feeling inspired.


DIY Hanging Photo Display Using Square Prints from Sticky9

I recently ordered a pack of square prints from Stick9 made up from my Instagram photographs (Stick9 offers a whole bunch of products that are made up from your Instagram photographs...if you use my code FRIEND2JNT you'll get 15% off your first order!) and had been brainstorming uses for them for weeks. When the world map we had stuck up above our TV fell down one day, I decided that their square prints would fill the space perfectly. 

Farmboy and I live in South Korea in an apartment rented out to us by the Education Office, so we are unable to go about knocking new holes or nails into the walls. I made use of the existing nails (hence the very non-conforming shape that ensued this DIY) when I strung up my photographs.

This DIY is super easy, quick and completely customizeable! You can hang your photographs in any shape or form you wish! The options are endless and only limited by the number of nails you have available!

You Will Need

  • plain wooden pegs (I bought these at my local CNA stationery store here in Korea for W500 for a pack of 5)
  • newspaper/kitchen towel
  • gold spray paint (I bought this at my local DC mart, you can also find spray paint at Daiso but their colour options are limited)
  • string/wool (I had planned to use wool, but soon realised it wouldn't show up very well against my white wall)

Step 1

Order your Sticky9 prints by clicking here. Free delivery worldwide! My prints arrived in South Korea about 10 days after I placed my order.

Step 2

Cover your workspace with kitchen towel or newspaper to protect your floor. You can see clearly that I missed this step in my last DIY by the evidence in the below photograph...oops!

Step 3

Fold over the paper towel before you place your pegs to allow for even coating. Spray your wooden pegs with the gold spray paint, ensuring you keep an even distance with your spray paint to make sure the paint dries evenly. 

Step 4

Get hanging! There really is no exact science behind this, and as you can see, it doesn't really matter if you ignore all the rules of shapes and symmetry and go wild. 

Step 5

Snap a pic of your hanging photo's & and share them with me on the CityGirlSearching Facebook page so I can see them!

Win sticky9 prints with citygirlsearching

And now for the fun part! I have teamed up with Sticky9 and have 2 sets of square prints to giveaway to two lucky winners! All you have to do to enter follow the steps in the widget below.

The two winners will be chosen on Friday 27th November and will be notified via my Facebook page (click here).

Good Luck!