10 Things to Do with your New Camera - helpful tips for all camera owners + FREE Checklist

10 Things to Do with your New Camera - helpful tips for all camera owners + FREE Checklist

I recently upgraded my camera, moving from my beloved Nikon D700 to the fancy (and super lightweight) Nikon D750. I'm going to share my thoughts on this camera here on the blog soon, but in the mean time I'd thought I'd share with you some useful tips of what to do with your new camera.

I've also included a free checklist for you to print out to as a reminder. I have my checklist printed out and stuck up in my office at home. It acts as a mini-reminder of what I should be doing before leaving the house with my camera too (eg charge my batteries & format my memory card!).

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How To Clean your DSLR camera lens

How To Clean Your Camera Lens

The last time I was editing my photographs I realised I had a few funny small blotches on parts of my photos. After wiping my computer screen I realised with horror that the marks must have been from my camera. I have since gone about finding the best way to clean my lenses at home, without having to send them in. Here are few tips I've picked up as well as a few basic things to keep your camera in tip top condition.


Use an air blower, like the one pictured above to remove loose dust particles. Simply press the bulb end and air will be forced out of the spout. This is the easiest and safest thing to try first with your lens.

When dust and/or smudges are on your lens glass, use a microfiber cloth designed for optical lenses to wipe it off. Make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth, as those cloths can hold dust, dirt and oil from your fingertips which can then be transferred to your lens. Be careful when cleaning the glass. If you do get something like sand on your lens and you rub it with a cloth, you may scratch your lens. Use a soft brush to brush off dirt or sand. Do not rub those away as they may cause scratches.

Change your lenses indoors (or in your car if you are out and about) if you can manage it. If you are outdoors, try and block the wind with your body as it can blow dust, dirt and other nasties into your camera and lenses.

Once you change lenses, quickly place the end cap on the removed lens, to prevent dirt and dust from setting into it. Also, quickly attach the new lens to the camera, to prevent dust and dirt getting into your camera sensor. And, while changing lenses, point them downward so dust and dirt don’t settle in.


Keep the lens cap on the front glass when you're not using your lens. Even better, place the lens in the protective cover that comes with it, or put it away in your camera bag.

Use a filter or lens hood to protect the lens glass from getting scratched or broken. 

Do you have any other tips for cleaning your lenses and keeping them in tip top condition?

Introducing Joie D'vivre Artisan Camera & Binocular Sling Belts {GIVEAWAY}


Today I want to introduce you to Joie D'Vivre, artisan camera and binocular slings manufactured in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Established in 2012, Joie d’ Vivre prides itself on the quality of their products, with individual attention given to each sling. Each sling is made from leather of the highest quality and the slings are finished with a protective solution to prevent everyday marks.


Being proudly South African, most of the fabrics have been carefully selected from local fabric houses and many have been sourced from offcuts, old clothing and interior items. Plain leather, Beaded and Nguni Hide options are also available


The camera slings fit a wide variety of cameras ranging from DSLRs & vintage film cameras to large Polaroid cameras. Joie d’ Vivre (meaning a strong love or enthusiasm for life in French) was established in 2012 by Courtney Jade Thatcher. A love for photography, fashion and a strong enthusiast of diversity may have inspired the brand, however a clear gap in the market is what motivated Courtney to develop the idea further into a product that can cater to almost any market within the sphere of photography. By personalizing the very tool used to represent yourself in society, we provide the opportunity to express yourself further. Young or old, conservative or liberal, celebrating the individual is the goal of Joie d’ Vivre.

Joie d'Vivre is giving away three of these beautiful straps to three lucky CityGirlSearching Readers. All you have to do is enter using the giveaway widget below. It's a very simple giveaway with very few steps. If you have any problems using the entry system please pop me a message by email or comment here on the blog.

You can gain an extra entry by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and Instagram. Just make sure to tag both @CityGirlSearching & @Joiedvivresa for Facebook shares, and @RoxyHutton & @Joiedvivrecamera for Instagram so we can track your entries.

This giveaway is only open to South African readers. Entries close at midnight on the 26th October. 

Here is a small selection of the designs that you can win:


Good luck!