Previous Client Work: Brand Photography for Inkgesteld

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A little while ago, I had the pleasure of working with the dynamic duo; Chantelle & Louis from INKgesteld Studio in Pretoria. Chantelle found me on Instagram, and after a few informal chats over social media, she told me her husband and her were in need of professional portraits for their brand. As Chantelle and Louis are based in Pretoria and I am in KZN, we had to work on our schedules a bit to find the next available time I was in Joburg They didn’t need to wait to long, as I am often there visiting family, and so we set up a time and I headed to their home based studio for their shoot.

We spent a wonderful morning together, capturing the essence of their unique brand. I set about creating a mixture of styled lifestyle shots, flatlays, and also took some headshots of each of them, as well as of the two of them together.

All of the above forms part of my Creative Head Package (click here to find out more about this package) and I always enjoy mixing all of the elements together to create brand imagery for a range of different uses.

The INKgested brand is sophisticated, edgy and modern, and quite different to brands I had worked with before. Because of this, I was so excited to meet them both and see their home based studio. This was also my first time working with a couple, as I had only worked with individuals before, and I just had the best time with them both. Their home was absolutely gorgeous, like something out of a magazine, and the moment I stepped foot in their studio I was beside myself with excitement and would have spent the entire day there photographing every single centimetre of the place.

Below are a selection of the images I created exclusively for INKgesteld.

If you're interested in finding out more about my headshot packages, then please feel free to get in touch. Each package includes a good mixture of styled stock type images as well as pretty portraits.

I spent such a great a morning with Chantelle & Louis, and I've loved working with fellow creatives in helping them create a professional, but unique look for their brands.

Here are some kind words from Chantelle about our time spent working together:

“My sweet Roxy, from a professional point of view I want to commend you for your brilliant communication with us. For getting to know us in such a short time and then capturing us with our message in mind. Thank you for taking control but still remaining creatively free to get the best out of us. You were completely aware of my fear but managed to make that disappear so effortlessly – only a master could do that. And that is what you are. Thank you for editing and finalising the images in such a short time, we appreciate the hours you spent in front of your computer to put your final touches on each image. I wish you great success and happiness in everything you do.

From a personal level thank you soooooo very much for ALL THE EXTRA WORK you gave so freely. It was such a wonderful experience for Louis and myself and especially Amelie. I want you to know that you are always welcome here…your husband and daughter too! We would love to see you any time that you have available to share with us. We owe you a tour….we owe you so much more than that.

I can’t wait to see the pictures!!! Take care of yourself. I will be in touch. You are one on my favourite persons in this world!” Chantelle - INKgesteld

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