Previous Client Work: Brand Photography for Whisky of the Week

Brand Photography for Whisky Blog Whisky Of the Week by Roxy Hutton of CGScreative-01.png

A little while ago, I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Jeanette from the whisky & lifestyle blog, Whisky Of The Week. Jeanette was in need of some updated brand imagery for her blog, and we spent a great afternoon together capturing the essence of her brand. I created a mixture of styled lifestyle shots, flatlays, and also took some updated headshots for Jeanette to use on her social media channels.

All of the above forms part of my Creative Head Package (click here to find out more about this package) and I always so enjoy mixing all of the elements together to create brand imagery for a range of different uses.

The WhiskyOfTheWeek brand is sophisticated, but still down to earth and fun. The main readership has been male, but Jeanette wanted to show women how whisky can also be a ladies drink. She also blogs about whisky pairings with food, from pairings with cheese to chocolate, and also whisky cocktails.

For her brand photoshoot, she was after something different to the generic 'whisky & cigar look' that is common amongst whisky bloggers. She also didn't want to alienate men, but rather, to appeal to both.

Below are a selection of the images I created exclusively for Whisky Of The Week

If you're interested in finding out more about my headshot packages, then please feel free to get in touch. Each package includes a good mixture of styled stock type images as well as pretty portraits.

Jeanette and her husband have been collecting whisky for over 9 years, and both are truly passionate about the drink.

They have an incredible whisky tasting room in their home, where they keep their vast collection of whiskies. It's also where to spend most of their Friday evenings, tasting a new whisky and relaxing after a long week. I knew we had to get some great shots there too. 

I had such a great time with Jeanette, and I've loved working with fellow bloggers and helping them create a professional, but pretty look for their brands. It's one of the biggest reasons I started my business and it has been a dream of mine to work with more bloggers.

Here are some very kind words from Jeanette about our time together:

"I met Roxy at one of the Blogger #Jozimeetups after having followed her journey to the East online.  She had a slot as a speaker and her way of looking at the world around her made an impression.  They had just returned to SA and I jumped at the opportunity of working with her. I needed updated profile photos and header photos for my blog and also some guidance on how to creatively take photos of bottles.  It was towards the end of the year and I also asked Roxy to take a few photos of me and my little one so that I can give it as a gift for the grannies over Christmas.

We had a few Skype calls to chat about my requirements and I voiced my frustration at my struggles of taking photos of glass bottles.  Roxy arrived with loads of ideas of how to position bottles with props and used this to create beautiful header photos for my blog. The best of all was she gave me so much inspiration and ideas on how to take my own photos for blog posts.   Roxy also took amazing profile photos.  It was so easy to work with her and to be comfortable in front of the camera with her chatting and giving guidance.  The true skill came out in her photos of my daughter which captured her wonderful nature perfectly.  These photos made very special gifts for the grannies.

Working with Roxy was an amazing experience which enhanced my blog with professional photos.  She is creative and wonderful to work with." Jeanette - Whisky Of The Week  

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