Farmboy & Citygirl...Our 3 year Wedding Anniversary.

Vintage farm wedding south africa

On Sunday 23rd September 2012, this city girl walked down the aisle of a converted barn to meet her farm boy. What a wonderful day it was, filled with family and friends, love and laughter and most importantly for us, God.

Today marks our 3 year wedding anniversary. We are currently in South Korea where we have been for the past 2.5 years, and where we will be until June next year when we plan to return home to South Africa. These past few years have been filled with lots of laughter, lots of love, lots of challenges and lots of adventure. 

Here's to many, many, many more with you Farmboy.


Photographs by Jacki Bruniquel

If you'd like to read more about our love story, how we planned our DIY wedding and where we went on honeymoon, click here.  

The Lead up to our Farm Wedding...Looking back three years on

Farm Wedding South Africa CityGirlSearching

Tomorrow is mine and Farmboys 3 year wedding anniversary. Farmboy asked me this morning if I can remember what we were doing this time 3 years ago, and as I thought about it I was overwhelmed with gratitude and every other mushy feeling for all the friends and family who were around us and spent countless hours helping us prepare our wedding venue. 

We got married on Farmboy's family dairy farm in Creighton, Kwazulu-Natal (South Africa). For those who haven't heard of Creighton, it's a teeny tiny town about 2 hours in land from Durban. We had our ceremony in the barn, and then our reception in the cow shed.

It was a huge undertaking to take the very much working cow shed and barn and turn them into our dream wedding venue. It would not have been possible without so many people, especially my mother & father in law who did so many things behind the scenes from the physical moving out of the cows and so much more. Here are my photographs of the shed & barn from the few months leading up to the wedding:

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the lead up to our wedding taken by my dear friend Sophie Smith of Sophie Smith Photography. Farmboy and his dad handmade all the tables, I sourced all the cutlery, plates & glasses from a lady in Joburg (A Vintage Affair) who kindly let me (gently) transport everything to Natal. The flowers were arranged by two of the kindest local Creighton ladies (Rene & Gail) and then friends and family came from all over the country to help lend a hand wherever they could. I think the lead up to the wedding was perhaps even better than the actual day as we were able to spend quality time with everyone whereas on the actual wedding day everything went by so fast.  

Tomorrow I'll post a few of my favourite photographs of our wedding day.

Thanks for stopping by.


Celebrating Two Years of Marriage #farmboyandcitygirl

Today marks Farmboy and my two year wedding anniversary. And to celebrate I'm going to go a little wedding crazy and post a whole bunch of photographs from our special day in September 2012.

We were married on Farmboys family dairy farm in Creighton, KZN South Africa in a large stone barn, and then had our reception in the cow shed. It was the most perfect day. Here are a few of my favourite photographs taken by our photographer Jacki Bruniquel

You can read about our wedding (including all the small details like our hand made wooden tables, stationery, sourced vintage cutlery, my hair and makeup and everything else by clicking here).  

Turkey {a recap}


For our honeymoon in 2012, Farmboy and I headed Greece to spend our first few days as a married couple. It was a wonderful holiday. We had a 6 hour layover in Turkey, and being the we-must-make-the-most-of-every-second-we-are-in-another-country kind of people that we are, instead of making a beeline for the only cafe open at 5am, we headed out the doors of the airport to explore Turkey.

Thank goodness South Africans don't need a visa as we had done no research on Turkey and this was our first time leaving the airport during a layover. In other words,  we really had no idea if we would be allowed back in time to make our connecting flight to Athens. But, being adventurers at heart, we made it back in one piece and had an incredible few early morning hours exploring Istanbul.

What was saw in those few hours was really beautiful and we wished we had had a few days to really explore the country. As much beauty as there was, there were rather too many eyes looking me up and down and making me feel uncomfortable, even at 6 in the morning. I didn't know this before, but Turkey is an Islamic country, and so even though I was dressed rather conservatively, my head was exposed thereby drawing rather a lot of unwanted attention. If you, like me, don't feel comfortable with so much deliberate staring, then pack a light scarf to wrap around your head. I didn't take any offense to the looks, it is a cultural element of the country, we deal with cultural differences a lot in South Korea too, and you learn pretty quickly that people aren't being judgmental or rude, as humans we show interest in the unknown and the different. We become like little children who can't help themselves but stare and try our best to work out why people are doing something different to what we do.

I hope you enjoy the photographs. If you have any recommendations on places to go in Turkey, please drop me a comment below. Farmboy and I really want to head back there in the future.

Our {Love Story}

Farmboy and I have been married for just over a year now, so I thought I'd take a little time to tell you how we met and how our love story began. It's quite a long post, so grab a cup of tea before settling in.

I was in my third and final year of University, having decided that I was going to make the most of the short time I had left, I joined a campus based NGO called Galela Amanzi (which means 'pour the water' in one of South Africa's many languages). Galela Amanzi had been voted the Campus project for the year, and was aimed at setting up water tanks to collect rainfall for the local townships. So here I was; the epitome of a city girl, sparkling earrings, nail polish that matched my scarf, and perfectly done makeup...all ready and eager to get involved in something meaningful. And there he was, unshaven, barefoot, plaid wearing...ready to make the world a better place. 

Here are a few photographs to help you set the scene:


One Friday evening, after a long meeting about how we were going to manage to secure funding for our next water tank, it was time for the committee set up for the fundraiser we were having the next day. It just so happened that Dale and I were the only two available to make the t-shirts needed for the boerie roll (a South African take on the American hot dog) sale. I had no problem meeting Dale alone at his house, I did have a boyfriend at the time of nearly five years, and thought it would be absolutely fine to hang out with a rugged but all too intriguing (don't forget the barefoot part!) farm boy.

Something happened that evening, something that I could not even begin to explain. Maybe it was listening to a young man open up about the huge part that God played in his life, or listening to tales of real farm life, or maybe it was just the intensity of hearing someone not afraid to speak their mind and being open about their faith that did it, I'm not sure. Having been brought up Catholic, having a Jewish Dad, not really ever being interested in going to church, and having gone through the disintegration of my parents marriage, something happened to me that evening. I realised that I was far too attracted to Dale to spend any more time with him while having a boyfriend, and I flew home that Sunday (two days after making t-shirts) to do one of the hardest things imaginable... break up with my boyfriend. It was not an easy decision to make, I hod to break someones heart, to break something that was over five years in the making. But, although it was difficulty and there are a million different ways it could have been done, it was the right thing to do. 

I flew back the following day and began a whirlwind of a romance with Dale. In the beginning nothing mattered, it was all butteries and fairytales. But slowly, reality hit when Dale had to fly to Botswana for a research assignment, and I was left in my small University town, all alone, to think about what the last few months had meant. Had I jumped into this relationship too soon? Was I missing my ex? What did the future hold for Dale and myself? Did I need to be single to find out more about myself? Was I crazy? The only thing I never questioned, was whether I has made the right decision in ending things with my ex. Even though I missed him terribly in the beginning, our relationship had become one of deep friendship rather than romance.. I had peace about that decision, even if it was the only thing I had peace about at that stage.

A few months later I started going to church with Dale, and my eyes and heart were opened to the wonders of a living God. A god who loves and cherishes his children no matter what. All the terrible things I had done had been forgiven, I was washed cleaned of all I had been, and I was finally excited for the future and what it held for me, and my relationship with Dale. Nine months into our relationship, and Dale and I decided to move to South Korea to teach English. What an adventure. Living in a foreign country, having to adjust to a completely different culture and way of life was made all the easier by having someone special to share it with. The adventures in Cambodia and the Philippines, while managing to still find a good church to keep us grounded, was just a glimpse into life as a Foreigner in Korea.

We touched back down on South African soil in March 2011,  to the reality of life in South Africa. Dale spent six long months looking for a job, I decided to return to studying my life long dream of becoming a a teacher and we both moved to Pietermaritzburg (Dale first to live with his Grandparents) and me following later on once my University year began.


Dale propsed a year later (you can read and see all the photographs of that very special day here) and we were married six months later on Dales family dairy farm in Kwazulu Natal (click here) to see more wedding photographs).


At the beginning of this year, after much discussion, Dale left his job and we arrived in South Korea for our second adventure of teaching English here. We are in a very small town in the South West corner of Korea. Our plan is to spend the next few years here, traveling the world and saving enough money to buy a house back home. 

Adventures lie await for us, some disguised as difficult circumstances, others as interesting and new friends.   

Life is what you make of it, it's time to stop worrying about what the future will bring and whether all your ducks are in a row. Enjoy every moment of every day. If you don't like what you're doing, stop. Take a break. Go on holiday. Tell that special person how you really feel. Smile at everyone. Thank God for the small, as well as the big things in your life. 

And most importantly, take lots and lots of photographs as you go along. 



One year after saying {I do}


My dearest Farmboy made me the sweetest gift to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Click here to see the post he wrote and the video he put together after blog-napping this blog. I love him to bits for his creativity and thoughtfulness (and for a million other things that he does everyday). 

So here we are, 365 days after me walking down the aisle to meet my prince charming (click hereto see more photos of our vintage farmyard wedding which took place of Farmboy's family dairy farm in South Africa).

In the past year we have moved into our first little home together, unpacked wonderful wedding prezzies and started getting used to a daily routine and house hold chores together. Then we packed up all those wedding presents and our lives in South Africa and moved to South Korea where we are now living and teaching English. We adventured in Malaysia and have furthered our love for Korean coffee shops All of this in what seems to be such a short time. 

Well my dear Farmboy, the best is yet to come and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life having adventures with you.


Our Wedding in {Wedding Inspirations Magazine)

Oh this is a very exciting post for me to write. I have tried to contain my excitement for the last 6 months and now I can let it all out :)

Our wedding has been featured in the Spring Edition of the latest Wedding Inspirations magazine.

If you would like to see more wedding related things like what DIY elements we added, who did our food/hair/makeup etc click here for all our wedding related blog posts. And another thank you to our wonderful photographer Jacki Bruniquel, we loved everyone of our photographs.

If you happen to find yourself near an Exclusive Books, turn to page 150 to see us all shiny and in print :)


{Flowers} from Freshly Found

After reading Nadia's lovely House & Leisure post on Freshly Found last week, I just had to do a post on the gorgeous paper roses Denise (the brains behind the brand) created for our wedding in September  last year. Denise has expanded her paper flower range which began with roses and lilies made from vintage books, to now include recycled paper proteas and strelitzias. Every single one is lovingly hand crafted, with exquisite attention to detail.


 And here are the gorgeous paper roses that Denise lovingly crafted especially for our wedding, photographed by Jacki Bruniquel...


Visit Freshly Found's blog here and their online shop here.

Our Wedding {The Food}

Here are some photographs (taken by our awesome photographer on the day Jacki Bruniquel) of the food we had at our wedding in September last year. Farmboy and I were very particular about the kind of food we were after, we were wanting mezze style platter with lots and lots of choice for everyone. We had the most phenomenal catering company Harris & Homes, headed up by the wonderful Sarah. 

Our menu was written up on home made chalkboards which were hung up above the food. Canape starters were served outside while the guests mingled and chatted during the family photo session.

Salads, sides and mains were served on gorgeous wooden boards, with sauces and jams served in little glass bottles.

Our dessert station/Candy Bar, was placed on a beautiful on yellow wood cabinet type stand that Farmboy found himself, and jars were filled with every sweetie you can think of. 

We opted for red-velvet cupcakes as well as a rose topped red-velvet cake for our wedding cake.

Every last detail was thought of, and Sarah helped to make all our foodie dreams come true. See for yourself...


 {photographer: Jacki Bruniquel}

{catering: Sarah from Harris & Homes Boutique Catering in Durban}

Our Wedding {table decor}

Just over two months ago, I married the man of my dreams...a Farmboy from a tiny little town called Creighton. We got married on his family dairy farm after 6 months of planning, cutting, pasting, sticking, and making tables. 

I will be doing a series of short posts of the different elements of our wedding, click here to see more of our wedding. 

Thanks for reading and following along, I appreciate each and every comment/view from all of you :)

Here are some of the photographs (taken by the wonderfully talented Jacki Bruniquel) of our table decor...

{Photographer: Jacki Bruniquel}

{Mahogany Tiffany chairs: Exclusive Hire Durban}

{Vintage plates & crockery: A Vintage Affair Joburg}

{Straws: In Good Company}

{Glass bottles/jars for flowers etc, books & crochet doilies: various Hospice & SPCA charity shops}

{Wooden Tables: handmade by my father-in-law & hubby!}

Our Wedding {The Ceremony}

{photo's by Jacki Bruniquel}

{Candles in the Barn rented all the way from Joburg from Rent a Candle}

{Confetti was dried Erika (lovely purple flower that looks a little like Lavender) very environmentally friendly!}

{Chandelier hand made by my Step Dad}

{Our Wedding} Official Photographs

Finally, I am able to pop these photo's up! All of these incredible photo's were taken by the talented Jacki Bruniquel, thanks so much Jax, Farmboy and I are so glad that we picked you to capture our special day.

 Here are a few highlights...

{I will be posting lots more in time and under particular headings with lots of tips for other bides-to-be!}

A little context for new readers...Farmboy and I chose to get married on his family dairy farm in the small town of Creighton, just outside Ixopo, KZN. He proposed in March this year and so began 6 months of prepping and planning and convincing my Dad that yes, I really did want to get married amoungst the cows! 

Words can't even begin to explain the hard work that was done by family and friends to get the barn and the shed ready for our big day. You see, the farm is a real life working farm. The Shed (where we had our reception) is the home to the calves after they have been removed from their mums. The Barn (where our ceremony took place) was used for storage and the shearing of sheep, as well as the home to a very special little owl.

So, with that in mind, Farmboy and his Dad set about hand crafting all 18 tables, I set about sourcing vintage plates, knives and forks, champagne glasses and mahogany tiffany chairs (who would have ever thought this things would be so hard to get hold of!) and so began the wedding prep!

To everyone that lent a hand, an afternoon or even an entire month to help make our dreams come true, we love you all so much, and it would never have been possible without you!

Our Wedding Venue...{The Set Up}

Here are a few gorgeous photo's from our special friend Sophie of Sophie Smith Photography

(if you can remember, Soph did our engagement shoot a few months back and we were thrilled with the photographs...these are no exception!). 

Sophs, thank you for capturing these special moments, and for being on hand to help out with all of the preparations!! 

These photo's will give you a little bit of an idea of all the hard work that went on behind the scenes to make our dream venue a reality. These are just photo's from The Shed. The Barn, where our ceremony was held was a little dark to capture properly, so will post those as well as all the official piccies from our photographer Jacki Bruniquel soon!

These lovely ladies were incredible with my flowers! Thank you Gail & Ren!!!! Lots and lots of love to you two! x

serious face, arranging those bird cages was hard work you know ;)

My Farmboy, making his handmade tables just right

Crockery was hired from 

A Vintage Affair

 in Joburg! They were so delightfully perfect on the tables, I was thrilled!

The Hutton Brothers, enjoying some tea!

Weather proofing The Shed! The day before the wedding it poured with rain! We were so worried the same would happen on the day, but it was all sunny clear sky's on our Big day!

Tea break time!

Tired busy bee's!

Our Honeymoon in the {Greek Islands}

I have been staggering the photo's from our honeymoon {new readers: we got married on the 23rd September 2012 on my hubby's family dairy farm, Click here to see some of the professional pic's and click here to see the preparation and other wedding related posts}, so as not to bore people with them (and to give me enough time to sort through all 3000 images!) and I am finally done.

For our trip, we flew from Durban to Johannesburg, Johannesburg > Istanbul (click here) Istanbul > Athens (click here) and finally Athens > Santorini where we spent 7 nights in an incredible old winery converted into a villa. The last part of our trip was a ferry ride to the island of Naxos where we spent our last few days before making the 40 hour trip back to Durban.

Here are a few highlights...enjoy! xxx


And we {shared} the backpack responsibilities! That blue backpack is all we took for 2 weeks! I am mightily impressed with myself for being able to pack to light 

Greece, we loved every second of you!

Wedding Hair & Makeup {sneak peek)

Yesterday I went for a full hair and makeup trial with Makeup Your Mind in Durban. I had spent hours on Pinterest and wedding blogs like100 layer cakeThe Pretty BlogRuffled & a lovely South African wedding blog South Bound Bride trying to find the perfect style that suits both me and my dress, and then makeup to match.  I was feeling pretty frazzled about the whole thing. I took everything I had to my appointment, and my makeup artist asked me a few questions, had a squizz at my pic's and got busy! I am thrilled to say she has given me exactly what I was after from the beginning...something a little sexy, pretty, and different all rolled into one!

Here a few very sneak peek's, I can't risk Farmboy having a look and seeing me all done up before the big day (which is next weekend!!!!)

*all photo's taken by my super talented mom! Thank you mommy for spending 2 hours photographing every strand of hair and eye lash...I <3 you!*

Our Engagement Photo-shoot

A little while ago I posted a sneak peak of our Engagement Shoot by our special friends Sophie and her husband Cameron. I met Sophie through Dale, while studying at Rhodes University. Sophie and Cam both live in Cape Twon, and Sophie (who is a Photo Journalist by trade) shoots weddings, engagements and a host of other things too. Click here to check out her blog.

These are the photographs of our engagement shoot from May 2012. It feels like this was a lifetime ago, as since then we have moved across the globe (for the second time) and are well and settled into life in South Korea. 

You can see all of our wedding related blog posts by clicking here.