Our Honeymoon in the {Greek Islands}

I have been staggering the photo's from our honeymoon {new readers: we got married on the 23rd September 2012 on my hubby's family dairy farm, Click here to see some of the professional pic's and click here to see the preparation and other wedding related posts}, so as not to bore people with them (and to give me enough time to sort through all 3000 images!) and I am finally done.

For our trip, we flew from Durban to Johannesburg, Johannesburg > Istanbul (click here) Istanbul > Athens (click here) and finally Athens > Santorini where we spent 7 nights in an incredible old winery converted into a villa. The last part of our trip was a ferry ride to the island of Naxos where we spent our last few days before making the 40 hour trip back to Durban.

Here are a few highlights...enjoy! xxx


And we {shared} the backpack responsibilities! That blue backpack is all we took for 2 weeks! I am mightily impressed with myself for being able to pack to light 

Greece, we loved every second of you!