One year after saying {I do}


My dearest Farmboy made me the sweetest gift to celebrate our one-year anniversary. Click here to see the post he wrote and the video he put together after blog-napping this blog. I love him to bits for his creativity and thoughtfulness (and for a million other things that he does everyday). 

So here we are, 365 days after me walking down the aisle to meet my prince charming (click hereto see more photos of our vintage farmyard wedding which took place of Farmboy's family dairy farm in South Africa).

In the past year we have moved into our first little home together, unpacked wonderful wedding prezzies and started getting used to a daily routine and house hold chores together. Then we packed up all those wedding presents and our lives in South Africa and moved to South Korea where we are now living and teaching English. We adventured in Malaysia and have furthered our love for Korean coffee shops All of this in what seems to be such a short time. 

Well my dear Farmboy, the best is yet to come and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life having adventures with you.