Essence Concealer {review}

This is the second time I am featuring this concealer, and the reason is's the best one I've ever used. Its easy on the pocket, does what it claims to do and leaves me a very happy chappy.  It only comes in two shades which is a bit of pain for those of us who don't fit into either of them, but it's easily blended, meaning you could mix it in with your favourite foundation. I have raved about Revlon's Colourstay Concealer in the past, but this little guy takes the cake especially with its price tag of R35.99!

Have you tried any of Essence's other products? A review of their new BB cream up on the blog soon!

Physicians Formula {Mineral Correcting Powder}

I've been on the look out for a colour correcting powder for ages, to reduce the redness in my skin tone, so I decided to give the Physicians Formula range a bash. At R145 it's not the cheapest powder on the market, but I have been pleasantly surprised with the results. 

*3-In-1 Corrector + Primer + Powder
*Versatile powder color corrects the most common skin imperfections, smoothes skin texture and evens out skin tone.
*All colors blend together to create a perfect canvas finish: Pink brightens, Green tones down redness and Yellow adds warmth.
*High-tech Japanese formula delivers a natural-looking finish that won't cake, crease or settle into fine lines.

I found the above to all be true, I am able to brush it straight onto my skin after moisturizing, and I don't even have to apply concealer anymore. The brush supplied is a little 'hard' for my liking (although the colours are just lovely), your favourite kabuki/powder brush will do the trick. I must say that after trying out *all* the testers at Dischem, I will most definitely be using more products in the range!

Get your paws on the range at your local Dischem.

Bourjois *Foundation* {Review}

I am really loving my new Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation (which came in last week after I placed an order with my Dad who was on a trip to the UK.) It's much cheaper over there than here, R110 there vs R185 here. It glides on effortlessly, stays put the whole day, and doesn't leave my skin looking shiny. The bottle says that it leaves a "smooth, beatified complexion" and I have to say I am definitely agreeing with that statement. It leaves a slight matte finish, which is great if your skin tends towards the oilier side, and smells fantastic (it's horrible putting something on your face that makes you want to gag!). It even comes with a cute little makeup sponge applicator which fits nearly onto the lid, making things very easy. I still spwear by my Mac #187 Stippling Brush  which gives me perfect coverage every time, without leaving me with a streaky effect my fingers and sponges usually leave me with. 

If you do have very sensitive or dry skin, I would probably be careful with this foundation as it does have a matte effect (which could possibly leave dry skin types looking a bit on the cakey side). Also, with regards to the lovely flower scent, this is from added fragrances which could irritate very sensitive skin. 

I give this foundation a 4/5, the only reason for not giving it full marks is the price of it here in South Africa. Bourjois is still relatively new to South Africa, and R185 for a foundation most people have never heard of is a bit steep. I think consumers would rather pay a bit extra for the likes of MAC. 
You can find Bourjois at most Edgars stores, nationwide.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation {Review}

It's been rather a long time since I've done a makeup review on the blog, I will blame that on getting engaged and starting my practical teaching this year for my Teaching Diploma (and of course general life that get's in the way of good blogging!). But here we are with a foundation review.
I've had this Clarins Everlasting Foundation for a while now. I use it in between other products (like my favourite Revlon Concealer and Yardley Powder which is my staple everyday base wear) but when I'm looking for that extra bit of coverage I haul it out. 

I have only given it a 3/5 for coverage, becasue I find my skin gets quite oily when I wear a heavier amount of the product. It does blend easily, but there's just something about it that doesn't make me go wow! Of course when you go to the counter and the lady there puts it on with all her fancy brushes, and fancy words it looks amazing. But when you get home and it's just you; foundation in one hand, brush in the other, it's a completely different story. And, to be honest, the only everlasting thing about this foundation is the actual product in the bottle. It has lasted me ages!

In terms of prettyness, I love the packaging. It's clean and simple (although a tad of the heavy side, being glass) but it does look nice on my shelf. Price, well at around R350 a pop, it doesnt come cheap. 
Overall, I give this foundation a 3/5. It's useful, but it doesn't really blow my hair back, and if you have even a slightly oilier skin, I would steer clear of this one.

MAC Select Cover-Up *NW25*

Up until last week I would have sworn by Revlon's Colour Stay Blemish Concealer (click here for my review). I hit the MAC counter on a recent trip up to Joburg to "have a quick look at what's new" which turned into my purse shouting at me "please, no more!". One of my new goodies is MAC's Select Cover-Up which is an oil free (or should I say 'oil absorbing' as they lady at the counter pointed out) concealer better suited to oilier skin types.

So what's my verdict? I find it gives more coverage than Revlon's Colour-Stay Concealer as it has a thicker texture, which is nice if you need to really cover up an unsightly pimple, but not so nice if you're wanting to use your concealer as an all over light foundation. When my skin was at it's best I would just use Revlon's Colour Stay Concealer to dab a few bits around my nose and cheeks to achieve a flawless finish, topped off with a light dusting of Yardley's Absolute Translucent Finishing Powder (click here for my review) and I was all set on the skin side of things. Now that my skin has gone a little haywire I'm finding I need just that little extra coverage, and that's where I find MAC's Select Cover-Up hits the spot (hehe a little cheesy I know).

I can't say I prefer it over Revlon's Colour Stay Concealer, as they are both useful at different times. 

Revlon Colour Stay Blemish Concealer R170
MAC Select Cover-Up R175 

For an extra R5, sometimes a girl has just got to have a little MAC in her makeup bag :)

Maybelline Volum' Express

My Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express Mascara (click here for the review) has finally given up the go and run out on me. As I was about to buy it again (I have loved using it so much that even my usual "i must constantly try new products" mentality has put me off this one). But then, I got distracted by the bright packaging of Maybellines latest mascara, the "One by One" and thought I would give it a bash. And....well it's just as good, if not better than the "Colossal". It gives lost of va-va-voom, and doesn't clump. The only difference being that the "One by One" has plastic bristles, and the "Colossal" has more natural 'fibre' type brush. 

 I usually prefer more natural brushes and have shied away from plastic ones, but I must say that with the plastic brush it does seem to coat each and every lash, one by one.

Overall I'm happy that I bought the "One by One", even if all its done is give my makeup bag some extra colour :)

Find it Clicks and Dischem for R110.

Clinique Blended Powder

When I purchased this semi translucent powder I thought the price was pretty reasonable for what I thought was a pretty good quality product. Now when I think of the price (R205) I think it's quite steep. This used to be my absolute favourite powder, but has now moved down to second place after my first Yardley purchase (post coming soon!). Now when I use it, I sort of feel a bit let down. 

As pretty as the packaging is, it doesn't really make up for the fact that this powder doesn't actually do anything. It gives very little coverage, even though it seems to when you apply it. What little actually does provide coverage does seem to last on my skin but overall, I am disappointed in it and won't be making another purchase when it runs out. I give this a 2.5/5.

It does come with a cute brush though, hence the extra half a point added onto the score :)

A little more Catrice

Infinite Matt Foundation

I have been most pleasantly surprised with this foundation (not to mention the entire range of Catrice products I have used so far!). This foundation, which is oil free, has long outlasted even my Clarins Everlasting Foundation (review to follow soon!). Whereas the Clarins left my skin looking shiny in only an hour, the Catrice really did keep my skin matt all day long. The bottle has the following to say:
"Oil-free make-up with long lasting matt-effect. Hydrating and with light reflecting pigments it creates an even, fresh complexion and leaves skin feeling soft."
I am super impressed with it, and give this a 5/5

The Infinite Matt Foundation comes in 6 shades, this one is #030 Apricot Beige (not the hugest range of shades). 
Find it at your nearest Dischem for R79.95

Absolute Eye Colour Quad #040 Never Let Me Go!

Having used a few of these eye shadows before I was very keen to add to my growing collection. And these little babies did not disappoint. The eye shadows are highly pigmented and long lasting. You do have to layer them quite a lot in order to build up colour, but I love the consistency of them, and how easy they are to blend. This quad makes a very nice smoky eye, while the top too colours are perfect for day wear.
Find it at your local dischem for R59.95

Kohl Kajal #100 Name it as you like! 

This is the second kohl eye liner that I have in the Catrice range, and probably one of my favourite brands for eye liner so far. Rimmel and Bourgois used to be at the top of my list, but I must say they are being quickly over taken :) This kohl liner is long lasting, and very easy to use. As with most kohl pencils, they are much easier to blend and are a lot more forgiving than other pencils. This colour is great for adding definition to a smoky eye, without being too overpowering as pure black can be sometimes. And for only R24.99, I think very soon I will have the entire collection!

Yardley Loose Powder

This translucent powder has become one of my ultimate must haves. At only R79.95, it's preety reasonable as far as powders go. I find it holds my foundation is place for much longer than my very much more expensicve Clinique powder (review to follow shortly!). What I love the most is the smell...soft floral scents that make me enjoy putting my make up on even more :) Being a translucent powder, it will suit any skin tone (except perhaps very dark skin) and it blends in beautifuly. But, in being translucent, it doesn't provide a lot of coverage, and so is best used over your foundation to 'set' it and make sure it stays put. Or if you have clear skin, to provide a very sheer veil of coverage. I give this powder a 4/5.
Find it at your local Clicks or Dischem for R79.95.

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Catrice Eye Shadow...

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Now, on with the review!

These single eyeshadows are perfect for any look. They blend easily and are highly pigmented. The lightest colour (#090 Bring me Frosted) is the perfect highlighter, while the darkest in the picture above (#350 Starlight Espresso) is great for a smokey eye. The only downside is that I had to really layer on the dark colour to get it to show up, while the light colour showed up perfectly. But for only R39.99 each, I think we can all afford to layer and layer and layer! :) I give these baby's a 5/5!! You cab find the full range of Catrice products at Dischem.

Catrice Lipstick...

As promised in this post here is the first review of this wonderful new brand (well at least new to us South Africans!). This Ultimate Colour Lipstick has taken a firm hold of my makeup bag and I carry it wherver I go. "Be Natural" is a nude colour that goes on effortlessly. It's great if you just need a hint of colour, and is the perfect shade for spring. At only R54.95 it's a steal! The only downside, it isn't very long lasting.  I give this a 4/5, and am on way as I speak to get more shades :)

New MakeUp at Dischem: **Catrice**

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting makeup (while trying to be budget friendly too) and boy have I not found another hit! Essence is still up there as one of the best brands for your rand, but they might be shifting to second position after this new find. With price's from R39.99 to R54.99...what's not to love?? 

Reviews on each of these products to come soon!! xx

In the mean time, click here to check out Catrice's full range of products :)

Revlon Concealer...

Having tried out a fair share of concealers in my day, I have to say that this one winds hands down. It covers imperfections, and stays put all day long! It's slowly getting warmer, spring is finally on its way, and I know that when it does get hot, this little baby is gonna make sure it does what its supposed to. I have actually been using it instead of foundation, just dabbing on a bit and then setting with powder (review to follow soon) and my skin looks natural and even. Sometimes I find that foundation can look too heavy, so this works like a charm when you just need a little cover. At R170 it's not the cheapest product out there, but it has lasted me for quite a while already and way out performed my MAC Select Moisture Cover which stayed on for about 30 mins before fading. I give this bad boy a 4/5 with the only downside being the price.

Maybelline Foundation...

Hi lovely friends! I'm trying something new with my makeup review posts...what do you think? 

I thought this foundation was pretty good value for money. At R170 a pop, I was quite impressed. At first I was planning on trying out Maybelline's new Fit Me range, but was told by the lady at the counter that they offer very little coverage. As I was looking for something with a bit more coverage, she recommended this one. It lasted all day without giving in to shine (my skin tends to be more on the oily side) and was very easy to apply with my new Mac Stippling Brush :)  I would give this foundation an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. I liked it, but there was just something about it that makes me hesitate to give it anything higher than a 3.5...but I can't seem to put my finger on it. Anyway, pretty good value for money and will last for ages as with this foundation, a little goes a long way.

Thanks very much to Maybe Mej for the background

*Spring* Cleaning your MakeUp Brushes

Most makeup artists will tell you that you should clean your makeup brushes after each use, especially for foundation and concealer brushes, so as to stop the spread of germs and other yucky things like that. With eye shadow brushes, it's good to do this once or twice a week (or more if needed).

Make Up Brushes are an investment, and if cared for properly, can last you ages! Here 3 steps for giving your brushes a quick clean in between uses. I would advise giving all your brushes a deep clean (post on that to come soon) every 2-3 weeks.

Brush cleaners:
I have yet to come across any other brush cleaners other than MAC. Body Shop used to sell one, but no longer stock it :( MAC's Brush Cleanser is R150 for 235ml which will last you for a long time if used sparingly...a little goes a long way :) A lot of people recommend shampoo's as brush cleansers, which are good for deep cleaning your brushes, but no good if you just need to give them a quick blitz in between uses. 

Pour a little brush cleanser onto a piece of tissue (cotton wool will absorb most of the cleaners so tissue is better to use. Toilet paper will just break unless you use 3 ply).

Dab the brush onto the wet tissue, brushing back an forth until you start to see the makeup coming off the brush. Try to do so in forward and backwards motions so as not to wreck the bristles. When the tissue becomes too dirty, open the tissue up and continue the same thing on the 'clean' part of the wet tissue. Do this until your brush is clean. Repeat with all your brushes, using a new tissue and more cleaner when the other becomes too dirty.

And voila! Clean, new looking brushes :) I have done this for all of my brushes, including lip brushes, big powderbrushes and eye shadow applicator brushes. It works like a treat on all of them :)

Maybelline *The Colossal* Volum' Express Mascara

For years and years I have turned my nose up at Maybelline, mostly due to the fact that at Dischem and Clicks its always the Maybelline shelves that look bare and in a horrible state (maybe thats because they have such bright light bulbs lighting them up that it ruins all the makeup!). Anyway, I thought I would make this purchase as I was in need of a new mascara and didn't have too much cash lying around :)

And I have to's *AMAZING!!!!*. One of the best mascara's I have ever used! I so definitely am eating my words. Goodness me! It out performs every single of one of my mascara's...even my Dior *DiorShow* which I spent a small fortune on, and even my MAC *Plushlash*. Now don't I feel silly...

It plumps, lengthens, curls, volumises and lifts all in one stroke. It's the perfect mascara! And for only R99 a pop, a definite must have!

MAC #187 DuoFibre Stippling Brush

I am a very lucky fishy to say that I received this as a gift a few weeks back:

 A little while ago I did a review on UBU's range of makeup brushes at Click's. Their stippling brush is pretty good, and at only R99, it's a steal. But let's be honest, it ain't no MAC!

Ok so first things first, what exactly is a stippling brush?? 
A stippling brush is used for applying foundation. It gives the skin an airbrushed finish and blends beautifully. It can be used with wet or dry foundation/powder and leaves a flawless finish. I used to apply my foundation using my fingers, and then with a flat foundation brush, but I could just not get the same look that I get every time with this bad boy :)

#187 Duo Fibre Brush is made from a soft blend of goat and synthetic fibre.

At R450, it's one of the most expensive brushes on the market, but like they say, once you go MAC you never go back, and this is a great investment if you wear foundation often :)

Revlon *Custom Eyes* #020

I've done a review on Revlon's Custom Eye's before, but I went out and indulged in another palette :) this time #020 Naturally Glamourous.

These eye shadows are really pigmented, and blend so easily together. They have real staying power, my makeup lasted all day without fading. I know quite a lot of people (myself included) can sometimes get a bit snobby and only want to buy/use MAC products, but these are fabulous, and a whole lot cheaper than MAC. Eacg Custom Eye's palette contains 5 shades, with a handy set of instructions on the back to show you which shade should go where.

At R160 a pop it sounds mighty expensive, but for 5 shades (thats R32 for each shade) it's a bargain ")

Above are swatches of colour for the Naturally Glamorous Palette.

Revlon *Photofinish Translucent Finisher*

This past weekend was a very special one here in our family. You see, its not every day you get to go to your mom's wedding! Post coming on that very soon! Where was I, umm, oh yes! Well, at weddings, lots and lots and lots of photographs are taken, and sometimes, there may even be professional photographers there. So, to make sure you're always looking your best, it's quite a good idea to get your hands on some make up which can help you do just that. One of those products being Clarins Instant Light, a "brush on perfector" which helps to cover up dark circles and give's radiance to the eye area. Another product from my box of tricks is Revlon's new Photofinish Translucent Finisher...

At R169 it's not exactly cheap, but by golly it sure works. It comes out as a white powder, but once brushed onto the skin, it 'disappears'. It's very easy to apply, controls shine, and lasts all day. The brush isn't the best but it does do the job. My skin was 'photoready' all day and all night! A great powder which gives a matte finish and takes away that 'washed' out look which sometimes comes with taking photo's. It also has a slight shimmer which adds to the translucent effect. All in all a great addition to my growing collection :)

Clarins *Instant Light*

My mom is getting married on Sunday! It's all a bit chaotic on this end with last minute preparations and such, so to relax, I took my mom make-up shopping. Shopping in general, is the least relaxing thing according to my mom, who is the sweetest, most unfussy person that I know. Un-like me...but if I am going to be doing her makeup for her big day, we needs some exciting products. This was the first purchase...

What an amazing product...but at R360 a pop, it should be! Definitely not something to buy if you're on a tight budget (lucky for me my mom and I have similar colouring, so I will be *borrowing* this often!).

What it says on the box:

"In one quick stroke, this hydrating complexion perfector helps disguise shadowy area's by illuminating the eye are and smoothing facial features. Oat extract offers a skin tightening benefit, helping diminish signs of fatigue"

Who doesn't need a bit of "diminishing" and "perfecting" hey? It really does hide under eye bag's and dark circles and also contains light reflecting particles which work wonders when camera's are involved! Will be posting some pictures of how it looks when applied soon...