MAC Select Cover-Up *NW25*

Up until last week I would have sworn by Revlon's Colour Stay Blemish Concealer (click here for my review). I hit the MAC counter on a recent trip up to Joburg to "have a quick look at what's new" which turned into my purse shouting at me "please, no more!". One of my new goodies is MAC's Select Cover-Up which is an oil free (or should I say 'oil absorbing' as they lady at the counter pointed out) concealer better suited to oilier skin types.

So what's my verdict? I find it gives more coverage than Revlon's Colour-Stay Concealer as it has a thicker texture, which is nice if you need to really cover up an unsightly pimple, but not so nice if you're wanting to use your concealer as an all over light foundation. When my skin was at it's best I would just use Revlon's Colour Stay Concealer to dab a few bits around my nose and cheeks to achieve a flawless finish, topped off with a light dusting of Yardley's Absolute Translucent Finishing Powder (click here for my review) and I was all set on the skin side of things. Now that my skin has gone a little haywire I'm finding I need just that little extra coverage, and that's where I find MAC's Select Cover-Up hits the spot (hehe a little cheesy I know).

I can't say I prefer it over Revlon's Colour Stay Concealer, as they are both useful at different times. 

Revlon Colour Stay Blemish Concealer R170
MAC Select Cover-Up R175 

For an extra R5, sometimes a girl has just got to have a little MAC in her makeup bag :)