Revlon *Custom Eyes* #020

I've done a review on Revlon's Custom Eye's before, but I went out and indulged in another palette :) this time #020 Naturally Glamourous.

These eye shadows are really pigmented, and blend so easily together. They have real staying power, my makeup lasted all day without fading. I know quite a lot of people (myself included) can sometimes get a bit snobby and only want to buy/use MAC products, but these are fabulous, and a whole lot cheaper than MAC. Eacg Custom Eye's palette contains 5 shades, with a handy set of instructions on the back to show you which shade should go where.

At R160 a pop it sounds mighty expensive, but for 5 shades (thats R32 for each shade) it's a bargain ")

Above are swatches of colour for the Naturally Glamorous Palette.