Bourjois *Foundation* {Review}

I am really loving my new Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation (which came in last week after I placed an order with my Dad who was on a trip to the UK.) It's much cheaper over there than here, R110 there vs R185 here. It glides on effortlessly, stays put the whole day, and doesn't leave my skin looking shiny. The bottle says that it leaves a "smooth, beatified complexion" and I have to say I am definitely agreeing with that statement. It leaves a slight matte finish, which is great if your skin tends towards the oilier side, and smells fantastic (it's horrible putting something on your face that makes you want to gag!). It even comes with a cute little makeup sponge applicator which fits nearly onto the lid, making things very easy. I still spwear by my Mac #187 Stippling Brush  which gives me perfect coverage every time, without leaving me with a streaky effect my fingers and sponges usually leave me with. 

If you do have very sensitive or dry skin, I would probably be careful with this foundation as it does have a matte effect (which could possibly leave dry skin types looking a bit on the cakey side). Also, with regards to the lovely flower scent, this is from added fragrances which could irritate very sensitive skin. 

I give this foundation a 4/5, the only reason for not giving it full marks is the price of it here in South Africa. Bourjois is still relatively new to South Africa, and R185 for a foundation most people have never heard of is a bit steep. I think consumers would rather pay a bit extra for the likes of MAC. 
You can find Bourjois at most Edgars stores, nationwide.