Christmas Gift Ideas: Goodies from my Stationery Store

There are only 8 weekend left until Christmas, an I don't know about you but I am definitely not ready. I am especially not ready to even start thinking about gifts but luckily, I own a stationery store! Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas?! Now I just need to find some manly bits of stationery for Farmboy (maybe something that ties in with his love for fishing?? Hmmm....).

To make your life easier I wanted to share some of the lovely pieces I have for sale. I offer worldwide shipping (there are some issues with shipping to SA but drop me a message if you'd like to order anything and I'll let you know about the bet way to get your your pretty goodies).

I accept payment by PayPal (you don't have to have a PayPal account) which means you can pay by credit card from anywhere in the world...yippe! Each order that leaves my store is beautifully packaged, making even the opening of the gift a lovely experience. Shipping generally takes 2 - 3 weeks for international orders so make sure to get your orders in soon.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Secret Garden Anti Stress Adult Colouring Book by Johanna Basford

Adult colouring book

Colouring in books were always my favourite thing to do when I was little. I loved the thrill of filling a page blank page with my own hand, creating a world of colour from nothing but a few black lines. That thrill doesn't have to stop just because I have grown up. Colouring in as a hobby is becoming more and more popular thanks to ladies like Johanna Basford, creator of The Secret Garden; and Andrea Barras, fellow South African blogger, entrepreneur and creator of You Biscuit

Adult coloring books posters you biscuit The Secret Garden

Andrea has had an amazing response from South Africans worldwide with her #ColourInSA A1 sized poster for children & adults. Her poster is inspired by South Africa's beauty and individuality as a country and showcases a lovingly illustrated collage of South African objects, animals, structures, plants, products, icons and symbols that all South Africans can relate to. To find out more about the poster and to place your order, click here. It's wonderful to see a piece of art uniting so many people all over the world. 

The Secret Garden Colouring Book Dults

I fist came across The Secret Garden while teaching my middle school students here in Korea. While walking around the classroom I glanced down and noticed a pair of students flicking through a beautifully illustrated book. Instead of being mad at them for not filling in their worksheets, I stopped to ask them about the book. The told me it was 'for stress' and then went on to show me pages and pages of intricate designs, just waiting to be adorned with colour.

I went online and searched for 'anti-stress' books and up popped The Secret Garden. There is an insane amount of pressure on middle and high school students in Korea to achieve the best grades in order to get into the few elite Universities. My students (13 - 15 year old girls) leave school at 6pm only to head straight to after school academies where they will study until until midnight before returning home to finish their homework. These colouring books have become a way for them to relax, to allow their creativity to engage while letting their minds unwind from the pressures of their textbooks.

Each and every page of this book is a treasure trove filled with illustrations of birds, flowers, owls, butterflies and so much more. And it's not just a colouring in book. The book opens with a list of treasures to be found, a design loves 'Where's Wally'; 63 beetles, 20 songbirds, 116 butterflies, 13 owls...this book will keep you entertained for hours. The Secret Garden has been translated into 14 different languages, the Korean version is the one pictured in this post. 

As a thank you to all you wonderful readers I will be giving away a copy of The Secret Garden this week! Make sure to pop on over to my Facebook page to find out how to enter. >>>

20% off My Stationery Store in Honour of National Stationery Week!

Today marks the start of National Stationery Week in the UK and to celebrate I'm offering 20% off all items in my stationery store! I'm mad about the gorgeous stationery items here in South Korea and I think you will be too once you see what lovely bits of paper goodies I have in stock. This special discount is only valid until Friday the 1st May. Below you'll find just a small selection of what I have in stock, simply click on each image to be directed to the store.

Simply use the following code to access your 20% discount:


Happy Shopping everyone!

I ship world wide. Shipping costs start from $2 and you should receive your package within 2 weeks. If you are based in South Africa shipping will take longer, please be patient. Please also note that for basic shipping there is no tracking number or insurance (as these make shipping very expensive). If you would like a tracking number or insurance please email me for rates).

Payment is securely done through Paypal (which you can make payments on without a Paypal account using your credit or debit card). If you have any further question please feel free to email me using the contact form above or by clicking here.

Happy Shopping!

New Items in Stock in my Stationery Store

I want to share with you the new items that have just been added to my stationery store. Shipping starts from just $1 (depending on the weight of the item/s) and I ship world wide, except to South Africa**

Click the 'start shopping' button below to be directed to my store!


I am very sorry that I am unable to ship items to South Africa due to postal delays, postal strikes and high costs. Please bear with me until alternative shipping methods are available for South Africa.

Free Shipping for my South African Readers Ordering between now and Dec 26th!

For all my South African readers, I will be home for 3 week visit from the end of December until the middle of January and I wanted to offer you all free shipping on items in my stationery store! I will be in Johannesburg for a few days and then the majority of my time will be spent in KZN (Pietermaritzburg). If we can arrange a convenient meeting place during that time then I will simply pop your order into my suitcase and bring it along with me, saving you the hassle of worrying about items not arriving in SA.

All you have to do is go to my store (click here) select your items, and then choose the 'Pick up/Local delivery option' for shipping. Payment is done using your credit card through Paypal, which is very safe and secure. 

I have also made up a few custom packages for customers who have emailed me items they would like and then I have given them my South African banking details to make payment. Let me know if you want to do something similar, but hurry as time is running out! 

Happy hopping everyone!

New 2015 Calendars in Stock in my Stationery Store

I have some gorgeous new 2015 calendars in stock in my stationery store as of this morning. There are two desk standing calendars and one wall hanging calendar. All of them are unique and beautifully illustrated to help you get your planning for the new year done in style.

New stock in my stationery store


I've just updated my stationery store (click here to start shopping) with lots of pretty new things. I've added new notebooks, pens, gift bags and tippex tape. For my South African readers I am no longer shipping to South Africa, as the postal service in SA is just too unreliable. If you would like to place an order, I will be home in January for 3 weeks and can bring your items with me in my suitcase. If we can arrange a convenient pick up place in Jhb or Durban/Pietermaritzburg then there will be no delivery costs whatsoever. 

For the rest of my readers shipping is as usual and your package will arrive within 2 weeks (I've already had happy customers receive their goodies in Australia, Canada, China and the US!).

Happy Shopping!

Stationery Store Special

I've got an exciting special coming up on all items in my stationery store!

The offer will only be available to my blog subscribers so make sure you sign up by clicking here, you don't want to miss out on this one!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

A little letter love...

CityGirlSearchingStationeryStoreSouthKorea (39 of 39).jpg

Here are a few photographs of letter sets that made their way into my every expanding stationery collection yesterday. I will be adding a few of these to my stationery store soon. Are there any that catch your eye?

Motex giveaway in celebration of National Stationery Week!


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Monday marks the start of National Stationery Week in the UK and to celebrate this wonderful occasion, (and because I have a love for all things stationery!) I'm going to be giving away a pretty pink Motex labeler, as well as an extra roll of lime green tape. I have loved my labeler and have gone a little crazy labeling everything I can get my hands on (all in the name if organizing...or so I tell Farmboy). If you're not sure what a Motex labeler is, it's basically a label embosser which uses a click wheel to  literally 'punch' your desired letters or symbols onto sticky backed label paper. You can click here for some pretty pictures of what people have used their labelers to decorate. They have been around for years, but have started gaining popularity again especially within the crafty, snail mail circles of people who use them to make their packages look extra special.


This pink labeler comes with 4 text disks (English uppercase, English lowercase, Korean and another one with symbols I'n not sure the origins of) as well as two rolls of sticky backed tape (one pink and one lime green). The reason for the Korean disk is that the Motex labeler is made right here in Korea.


If you would like to win simply use the giveaway entry system below. I'd also love to know what you plan on labeling first if you win, let me know in the comments section below.

Give me a shout if you have any problems with the entry system (it sometimes acts up in certain internet browsers). You can get multiple entries by doing different things, so just follow the instructions for more info. 

You can also gain another entry by sharing the top image on Instagram and using the following hashtag (so I can track your entry) #citygirlsearching and my username @roxyhutton.

This giveaway is open to everyone (local and international) and the winner will be drawn on Friday evening.

Good luck everyone! 


New in my Stationery Store

Last week I finalised the finishing touches on my brand spanking new stationery store, filling it with individual items (pens, pencils, washi tape, lace paper doilies, packaging bags & notebooks) as well as making it easier for you to find what you need. The ordering process is simple, and I am now able to accept payment by debit and credit card (through PayPal).

Prices for items are as follows:

Pencils: $2

Pens: $2.50

Notebooks: $3.50 - $6

Pretty Packages: $15 - $30

Washi Tape: $2 - $3

Lace Paper Doilies: $2.50

Happy shopping!

How to create your own homemade stationery {Guest Post}

Today's lovely post is from the very creative Yu Rong, who lives in Australia and has a delightful blog, xo-lovelee. I 'met' Yu Rong on Instagram. She posts the most beautiful photographs of stationery and letters, it's all just so pretty. Each of her photographs is lovingly styled and put together, and I spend hours pouring over every single detail. So I contacted her and asked if she would like to be on my blog, and share a little stationery love for all of you. Thank you for your wonderful words and pictures Yu's been lovely following your blog and Instagram and getting to know you <3

Hello hello! My name is Yu Rong, the girl behind xo-lovelee; a fellow blogger and lover of beautiful stationery that is stylish and functional. I adore love letters, pretty colours and washi tape. 

As an avid snail mailer and penpaller, I have seen the most creative way to send beautiful mail. I cherish all the letters that I have received but there is always a special place in my heart for handmade notepaper that have been put together by the amazing creative minds of the writer. There’s something gorgeous about holding something handmade that someone has put time and effort into. Today, I would like to bring to you a combination of all of the above with some handmade stationery paper that can be used for letters, cards and notepaper!


This isn't hard, I promise! It’s super easy and fun to make. All you need are the basics, paper in whatever size you would like, grid or blank, and one of my obsessions at the moment, many different kinds of washi tape!

This is one of my favourites – to make this look, select four to five washi tapes that coordinate with one another. 

The next step is to tear off different lengths of the coordinating washi tape and layer them across the top of the pages. Don’t be afraid to get messy, you can trim off the excess when you’re done!I had so much fun that I just had to make another set!

As you can see, using different washi tapes can give you a different outcome, so don’t be afraid to experiment. You never know what you can create!

Another one of my loves are stamps, the above stamp was purchased from Oh Hello Friend and it makes the most perfect start to a letter, don’t you agree?

I love buntings, so of course I had to create this! Using different washi tapes, cut triangles and stick it on the paper in a row. Mix and match colours, use different patterns of washi tape and whatever else that tickles your fancy! This is very versatile and you can use this for birthday or party invitations. Feel free to use skinny washi tapes as borders for around the paper in order to “dress it up” a bit. 

I've already told you that I love snail mail so an air mail themed paper is required. Using air mail themed washi, I lined the top and bottom border, layering it. 

Washi tapes come in a large variety of patterns, colours and different themes. This makes them very versatile for many different creative creations. I hope you had a good time looking through these and that it inspires you to create your very own handmade stationery!

Do say hello! You can find me at:

Instagram: @xoylee 


New pretty stationery in my store!

Hello lovely readers.

This is just a little update on my store.

I have introduced mini packages of pretty stationery, which contain exactly what is in each photograph. These packages have a slightly less element of surprise, as you know exactly what goes into each package, but that doesn't mean it isn't just as exciting. These mini packages are $15 each (I work on an exchange rate of $1 to R10 for my South African readers). 

I am also still offering free shopping until the end of January! Only a few days left make the most of this special.

I take great care in creating each and every package I send off from my store, and I hope that you enjoy opening up your package as much as I enjoy putting them together and making them pretty.

To see more of what's in stock, click here

Happy shopping friends 


FREE SHIPPING in my store until the end of January!

A sample of some of the items that go into each pretty package...

A sample of some of the items that go into each pretty package...

To start the new year off with a bang, and to help you get organised and ready for all those dates and lists of things to do that come with the start of any new year, I am offering free shipping on packages until the end of January.

Each pretty package of boutique stationery is carefully put together by me...each item hand picked and unique. You won't know the exact items in your package, and that what makes it so special. You simply choose your colour palette, and I do the rest...ensuring what the post man brings you is a delightful surprise. Each packages contains at least: 

  • a lovely letter set
  • a  notebook
  • a weekly scheduler
  • a set of envelopes
  • a pen & pencil
  • two rolls of washi tape
  • as  well as a few other pretty surprises unique to each customer.

I am also sending out a gorgeous 2014 diary for the next 3 customers so get your orders in fast!

Each package is $30, with no hidden extra costs (unless paying by PayPal in which there is a $2 service fee) and is sent off to you once payment has been confirmed. You will receive your pretty package in 2 - 3 weeks depending on where in the world you are.

To order, simply choose your colour palette (blush, peach or mint) and fill in the order form by clicking here: ORDER

I will send you an invoice with my banking details. I will send off your package within 2 weeks of receiving payment

One of the diaries that will be going into the next 3 customer orders...

One of the diaries that will be going into the next 3 customer orders...

Happy Shopping!


CGS Pretty Stationery {Flash Sale}


Dear readers!

Today is the last day of my three day flash sale on pretty stationery in my store.

To place your order simply email me with your colour palette choice (mint, peach, or blush) and I will send you an invoice to make payment.

Each pretty package includes:

-a 2014 calendar

-roll of washi tape

-a notebook

-a pen or pencil

-lace paper doilies

All for $11 (excl. shipping of $4.50).

I am working on a $1 to R10 exchange rate for my South African customers, so in total the package, including shipping will be R155.

Hurry while stocks last <3

I look forward to creating your pretty package.


New in the Store!

I've been putting together my first few orders, and wanted to share with you a few new goodies which will be going into the pretty packages. I only stock one or two of each item, so you know what you purchase is truly unique.

The idea behind my store is that each and every package put together is exclusive and special, and never the same as the one before. You won't know exactly what you're going to get, and that's what makes it so much fun. We all love receiving parcels in the mail, and this time, although you may not be 100% certain of the contents, you know it will be full of pretty-ness. Simply choose your colour scheme; Mint, Peach or Blush (currently these are the 3 palettes, but I will be adding to these in the near future!).

Or better yet, get in contact with me to customize your own pretty package.

Happy shopping!


My shop is live!


And we are a go!

Welcome to me new website and most importantly, welcome to my new online store!

I hope you find the site easy to use. If you have any questions about anything, please drop me an email using the contact form above, or directly here.

As a little thank you, the first 5 customers to my store will each receive a beautiful 2014 Calendar in their package as a little extra gift. 

Currently I am only accepting payment via Electronic Transfer into a South African bank account, but soon will be offering payment through PayPal for your convenience.

Happy shopping everyone!

Have a lovely weekend!

{Snail Mail} Gratitude

Last month I took part in such a fun mail swop (the term being used to describe the recent revival of postal mail is snail mail) called The Snail Mail Collective. This particular snail mail package swop was organized by the lovely Melyssa of The Nectar Collective and Chelsea of Lost in Travels. The idea behind the Snail Mail Collective is this:

"It’s an easy, international package exchange. Aka, send a package, get a package. The goal is to provide an avenue to connect and get to know people from all over the world by exchanging packages and encouraging postcards each month. This is a great way to not only meet people around the world, but to also learn about new cultures and make new friends!" Melyssa

I signed up last month and was paired up with Rima who is from Indonesia but currently lives in California, USA. Rima runs the lovely blog Bulu by Rima which documents her and her man (she calls him PillowMan) adventures around  South East Asia. Rima is a Full-time Registered Nurse in Interventional Radiology/Emergency Medicine and a part-time Amateur Baker. She is just lovely! And we both LOVE stationery, so we were a match made in heaven (as you can see from all my wonderful goodies below).

Each month there is a theme that goes along with your package, and we have to try and keep the contents of our parcel under $5. Last months theme was gratitude. I am grateful for all the pretty things that I can find here in Korea, click here to see what I packaged up and sent to Rima!

This month will be the last month that the Snail Mail Collective will be run, there are still 2 days left to sign up so pop on over here if you still want to take part!

Thank you for everything Rima, I have loved getting to know you over the past month and I look forward to reading more about your adventures on your blog.


And the winner is...

And the winner of a very pretty package of stationery is..


Well done Jowhara! Please get in touch with your postal address, and I will send your package off to you very soon.

And to every single one of the 151 people out there who entered my giveaway, THANK YOU for entering.

My online store will be up and running {SOON} and then you too can have a slice of pretty-ness. I am fighting with the postal service in South Africa (that is the holdup) everything else is up and ready to go. As soon as I win the battle, you will all be the first to know.

Have a wonderful weekend!


An{other} update & a GIVEAWAY!


Dear readers,
Is inevitable that when starting your own business there will be many bumps and hiccups along the way. I have had lots of computer trouble lately (and not the small kind either, I'm talking the hundreds of dollars or thousands of rands kind of trouble) and I am still without my glorious machine.
And, I have run into a few issues with the South African postal service too.
BUT I am still determined to get my site and shop launched soon, so please do bear with me. I want it to be perfect :)

So, to say thank you for your patience, I am hosting a giveaway! Yippee!

But, this giveaway is going to a surprise of sorts, think of me as your Secret Santa (not so secret as you do know who I am, but secret as you don't know exactly what I am going to be giving).

I WILL tell that you that it will be filled with {pretty-ness} and could contain any of the below:

To enter  simply use the fabulously easy entering system below.
The winner will be drawn on the Friday 22nd November. This giveaway is open to international entries too!