New Items in Stock in my Stationery Store

I want to share with you the new items that have just been added to my stationery store. Shipping starts from just $1 (depending on the weight of the item/s) and I ship world wide, except to South Africa**

Click the 'start shopping' button below to be directed to my store!


I am very sorry that I am unable to ship items to South Africa due to postal delays, postal strikes and high costs. Please bear with me until alternative shipping methods are available for South Africa.

New stock in my stationery store


I've just updated my stationery store (click here to start shopping) with lots of pretty new things. I've added new notebooks, pens, gift bags and tippex tape. For my South African readers I am no longer shipping to South Africa, as the postal service in SA is just too unreliable. If you would like to place an order, I will be home in January for 3 weeks and can bring your items with me in my suitcase. If we can arrange a convenient pick up place in Jhb or Durban/Pietermaritzburg then there will be no delivery costs whatsoever. 

For the rest of my readers shipping is as usual and your package will arrive within 2 weeks (I've already had happy customers receive their goodies in Australia, Canada, China and the US!).

Happy Shopping!

New in my Stationery Store

Last week I finalised the finishing touches on my brand spanking new stationery store, filling it with individual items (pens, pencils, washi tape, lace paper doilies, packaging bags & notebooks) as well as making it easier for you to find what you need. The ordering process is simple, and I am now able to accept payment by debit and credit card (through PayPal).

Prices for items are as follows:

Pencils: $2

Pens: $2.50

Notebooks: $3.50 - $6

Pretty Packages: $15 - $30

Washi Tape: $2 - $3

Lace Paper Doilies: $2.50

Happy shopping!

My top South African online stores

Online shopping in South Africa is definitely on the up with more and more stores offering free delivery and other great specials when purchasing online. But, it is a relatively new concept and a fair amount of shoppers prefer to physically touch the products they plan on spending their hard earned money on. Also, there is the age old fear of credit card fraud and the South African postal service to contend with too. I have been fighting with the post man when it comes to delivering my packages from my online store, but I am very happy and I hate to say it, surprised, to have had a 99% success rate on all my deliveries so far (the 1% being a package I sent to my mom last year which I believe has made its way back to me here in Korea after a rather unfortunate loss of the post mans arrival notification). I have a long term business plan for a nation wide delivery service, just for South Africans, that is fast, reliable and affordable...who wants to invest??? :)

BUT...the postage services are increasing in efficiency, with many online stores choosing to send packages with private services with a more reliable track record and all the shop owners I have spoken to have had no issues whatsoever. Which is good to know as today I want to highlight some of my favourite South African online stores. I haven't shopped at all of these yet as I have been out of the country for a while now, but there are a fair amount of birthdays coming up for my family & friends, I think I will just have to make some purchases soon.

(I had planned to blog about my Top 5 favourite stores and then spent hours scouring the web to fill my last 2 spots, but thanks to all the input from my lovely readers on Facebook, I was able to narrow their loooong list of great recommendations down to 7!).

And here they are, in no particular order: