Free Shipping for my South African Readers Ordering between now and Dec 26th!

For all my South African readers, I will be home for 3 week visit from the end of December until the middle of January and I wanted to offer you all free shipping on items in my stationery store! I will be in Johannesburg for a few days and then the majority of my time will be spent in KZN (Pietermaritzburg). If we can arrange a convenient meeting place during that time then I will simply pop your order into my suitcase and bring it along with me, saving you the hassle of worrying about items not arriving in SA.

All you have to do is go to my store (click here) select your items, and then choose the 'Pick up/Local delivery option' for shipping. Payment is done using your credit card through Paypal, which is very safe and secure. 

I have also made up a few custom packages for customers who have emailed me items they would like and then I have given them my South African banking details to make payment. Let me know if you want to do something similar, but hurry as time is running out! 

Happy hopping everyone!

A little letter love...

CityGirlSearchingStationeryStoreSouthKorea (39 of 39).jpg

Here are a few photographs of letter sets that made their way into my every expanding stationery collection yesterday. I will be adding a few of these to my stationery store soon. Are there any that catch your eye?

Motex giveaway in celebration of National Stationery Week!


I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! Monday marks the start of National Stationery Week in the UK and to celebrate this wonderful occasion, (and because I have a love for all things stationery!) I'm going to be giving away a pretty pink Motex labeler, as well as an extra roll of lime green tape. I have loved my labeler and have gone a little crazy labeling everything I can get my hands on (all in the name if organizing...or so I tell Farmboy). If you're not sure what a Motex labeler is, it's basically a label embosser which uses a click wheel to  literally 'punch' your desired letters or symbols onto sticky backed label paper. You can click here for some pretty pictures of what people have used their labelers to decorate. They have been around for years, but have started gaining popularity again especially within the crafty, snail mail circles of people who use them to make their packages look extra special.


This pink labeler comes with 4 text disks (English uppercase, English lowercase, Korean and another one with symbols I'n not sure the origins of) as well as two rolls of sticky backed tape (one pink and one lime green). The reason for the Korean disk is that the Motex labeler is made right here in Korea.


If you would like to win simply use the giveaway entry system below. I'd also love to know what you plan on labeling first if you win, let me know in the comments section below.

Give me a shout if you have any problems with the entry system (it sometimes acts up in certain internet browsers). You can get multiple entries by doing different things, so just follow the instructions for more info. 

You can also gain another entry by sharing the top image on Instagram and using the following hashtag (so I can track your entry) #citygirlsearching and my username @roxyhutton.

This giveaway is open to everyone (local and international) and the winner will be drawn on Friday evening.

Good luck everyone! 


Pretty Packages in the mail

A few weeks a go I received a very lovely package in the mail from my friend and fellow South African blogger, Nadia. Everything was put together with such care, such love and all in all...such pretty-ness! These pretty little packages are taking the world by storm under the name 'snail mail' (just do a search on Pinterest or Instagram to see the amount of time people spend on creating pretty packages of stationery and letters to send to friends and pen pals across the seas). 

In essence snail mail is the term given to the physical mailing of letters, which is such a rare thing these days with people opting to instead send instant texts and emails instead of the slower (ie snail) postal service. But, nothing quite beats that feeling of receiving something special from the post man, and that is what Snail Mailing is all about. Nadia has written a wonderful post with more information on snail mailing and how to find pen-pals to exchange packages here to see more.

I have received some lovely packages in the past few here and here to see them. 

Do you enjoy snail mail? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below <3

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{Snail Mail} Gratitude

Last month I took part in such a fun mail swop (the term being used to describe the recent revival of postal mail is snail mail) called The Snail Mail Collective. This particular snail mail package swop was organized by the lovely Melyssa of The Nectar Collective and Chelsea of Lost in Travels. The idea behind the Snail Mail Collective is this:

"It’s an easy, international package exchange. Aka, send a package, get a package. The goal is to provide an avenue to connect and get to know people from all over the world by exchanging packages and encouraging postcards each month. This is a great way to not only meet people around the world, but to also learn about new cultures and make new friends!" Melyssa

I signed up last month and was paired up with Rima who is from Indonesia but currently lives in California, USA. Rima runs the lovely blog Bulu by Rima which documents her and her man (she calls him PillowMan) adventures around  South East Asia. Rima is a Full-time Registered Nurse in Interventional Radiology/Emergency Medicine and a part-time Amateur Baker. She is just lovely! And we both LOVE stationery, so we were a match made in heaven (as you can see from all my wonderful goodies below).

Each month there is a theme that goes along with your package, and we have to try and keep the contents of our parcel under $5. Last months theme was gratitude. I am grateful for all the pretty things that I can find here in Korea, click here to see what I packaged up and sent to Rima!

This month will be the last month that the Snail Mail Collective will be run, there are still 2 days left to sign up so pop on over here if you still want to take part!

Thank you for everything Rima, I have loved getting to know you over the past month and I look forward to reading more about your adventures on your blog.


Snail Mail and my new PenPal from Malaysia

There are so many wonderful people to meet on Instagram (come say hello to me too @roxypearce). While perusing for pretty bits of stationery, I stumbled across the lovely @win_naa who is from Malaysia.

I instantly started following her feed and every day I am able to get my stationery fix from her lovely images. 

We have since become pen pals, and the images below are from my very first pen pal snail mail package from her. I can't wait to put together all the pretty pieces I have for her (I am after all in stationery heaven here in South Korea) pop on over to my Facebook page if you don't believe me. Everything she sent me was so thoughtfully put together, including a whole bunch of interesting facts about Malaysia.

There is something very special about receiving something in the post, isn't there?

Thank you so much for the wonderful package Win Naa, I so look forward to the many letters we will be sending across the seas to each other.