Introducing the #BeautifyYourBlog Handbook for Bloggers

BeautifyYourBlog the handbook for bloggers helping you build a better beautiful blog by citygirlsearching

I recently created and launched #BeautifyYourBlog an easy to follow, free online course for bloggers. Alongside this course, I created a handbook which I'd love to share more of with you today.

Making your blog look it's shiny best can be a difficult process...But it doesn't have to be.

When I first started blogging, I wish I had had someone show me the ins and outs of branding and what it means to build a brand around your blog.

I fumbled my way through the first 4 years of blogging, making so many changes and wasting so much time creating graphics for my blog that really didn't fit my style.

If someone had given me this handbook when I first started blogging, it would have saved me so much frustration, not to mention time.  

This Handbook goes through the how's and the why's of branding your blog and most importantly, it shows you how you can do it yourself.

This handbook walks you through all the steps you need to turn your blog in a beautiful, cohesive and visually appealing space that you can be proud of.

Perhaps your current corner of the web isn't what you hoped and dreamed it would be, and you're not sure how to make it stand out from the other millions of blogs.

Or perhaps, you've been putting off starting a blog because you have no idea how to make it look good; how to make it a place you can be proud of.

The BeautifyYourBlog Handbook guides you through all the steps you need to create a beautiful blog, without breaking the bank. Inside I share with you super valuable secrets, tips and tricks that you will be able to implement immediately to beautify your blog, all by yourself. 

What's in the Handbook?

  • Lesson 1: Blog Branding - logo, fonts, colours & style guides
  • Lesson 2: Blog Layout - how to stand out and show off your content
  • Lesson 3: Blog Photos - how to take better blog photos
  • Lesson 4: Home, About & Contact Pages - the most important pages for your blog and how to use the space effectively
  • Lesson 5: Social Media Accounts - keeping your profile images & bio's consistent so you are instantly recognisable across all your social media platforms
  • Lesson 6: Branding for Pinterest - branding images/graphics for Pinterest

My goal for the BeautifyYourBlog Handbook isn't to throw out a bunch of complicated theories and fancy sounding blogging terminology but rather to show you the best & most effective strategies for bloggers that will help you take actionable steps towards creating a better, more beautiful blog.

This handbook is jam packed with information you can make use of today, and all of that information is laid out in a logical, simple to understand way. 

This handbook will:

  • show you how to build a more beautiful blog, without breaking the bank
  • teach you super valuable secrets, tips and tricks that YOU will be able to implement immediately to your blog
  • show you how to create an online space that you are proud of, that you want to show off to the world, and one that is authentically you in the most beautiful way possible
  • demystify social media (especially Pinterest!) and show you how to grow your accounts in a natural and engaging way
  • show you how to take better, more personalized photographs for your blog that show off your brand

This 70 page workbook takes all the information in my E-course and condenses it into an easy to follow guide, with lots more actionable tips and space for you to really dive deep into your blog.

At the end of each lesson is space for you write down your thoughts, questions and ideas, and then use those notes to further guide your blog.

Sounds exactly what I need! How much does it cost?

The BeautifyYourBlog Handbook is yours for only $30. You're getting 70 pages of useful blogging advice as well as actionable tips so you can get started right away on your journey to beautifying your blog. I've complied my 6 years of blogging wisdom and lessons I've learned the hard way, into a simple and easy to follow & implement way.

But read on, as I have a special bonus just for you.

Mastermind group BONUS!

The best part is, once you purchase the handbook, you'll also gain exclusive access to the #CGScreative Mastermind Facebook group where you will be able to ask any questions you may have, as well as connect with other likeminded creatives. It's an open & supportive space for bloggers, online entrepreneurs & small business owners to lend support, give feedback, and share advice. It is also a space to share your goals, challenges and successes so we can all encourage you in your blogging & business journey.

I have big plans for this special group, and want to cultivate a small, intimate space where we get to know one another and our blogs & businesses on a real level. 

I need this in my life! How can I buy it?

I knew we were destined to create beautiful things together my friend, and this handbook is the perfect place to start. Simply click the button below to purchase.

It's set up so you can easily make your purchase with PayPal, making your life simpler. As soon as your payment is processed (this takes about 5 seconds!) your beautiful new blogging handbook will be right on it's way to exciting!

I look forward to welcoming you to the #CGScreative Mastermind Facebook group. You'll be sent a personalised welcome right after your purchase of the BeautifyYourBlog handbook.

Here's to creating beautiful things together.