How to Vote for South Africans living Abroad (especially those in South Korea)

As Farmboy and I will be here in South Korea during the next South African elections, we will have to do a little more homework when it comes to voting. It is now possible for South Africans living abroad to vote {yay!} so here is some more information on it for those of you who would like to vote but will be out of the country. Thanks to SAPeople for the information below:

  • How do I register abroad?

In order to vote in the elections you must be registered.

If you are already registered on South Africa’s National Voters’ Roll you DO NOT have to re-register. (Check your registration status online at

If you are not already registered

  • You will need to register at your nearest South African Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General (See for a list and see below for South Africans living in South Korea
  • Bring both a valid green bar-coded South African ID book, smart-card ID or temporary identity certificate AND your valid South African passport 


  • When should I register?

You can register until 7 February 2014 during office hours of your local South African Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General.  For office hours please contact your relevant Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General. You will not be able to register after 7 February 2014.

Provision has also been made for two special registration weekends, on 18 and 19 January and 25 and 26 January 2014, to accommodate those South Africans living abroad who are unable to register at their nearest South African foreign mission during normal working hours.

  • Registering to Vote abroad in SOUTH KOREA:

Registration services for South African citizens who are eligible to vote and are not currently registered, will be rendered at the South African Embassy Seoul, situated at 104 Dokseodang-ro, Yongsan-gu Seoul.

Working hours for the registration services are as follows:

Monday - Thursday 09h00-12h00 & 13:30-16h00

Friday 09h00-12h30 & 13h30-15h00

Weekends 18 & 19, 25 & 26 January 09h00-16h00

Please note: Only a green bar-coded ID, a valid Temporary Identification Certificate or a Smart Card are accepted for registration purposes.  No other document will be accepted.

*If you do not have your ID book here in Korea you will need to work on getting it posted here before the registration date is over. This has been done with success by many South Africans here in Korea. Send it via fast mail but do not write ID Book on the envelope. Just write 'gift' to be safe (we all know how the South African postal service is, unfortunately).  If it doesn't end up arriving and gets 'lost' somehow, you can apply for a new one when you get back to South Africa with your passport. It is definitely worth taking the risk to get as many people to vote as we can...your vote can make a difference.

Source:  AllPosters

Source: AllPosters

  • How do I apply to vote abroad?

Once you have registered (either in South Africa or abroad) you must then complete an online VEC10 form available on This form notifies the IEC of your intention to vote abroad and indicates at which Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General you will vote.

The form will only be available once the election date has been proclaimed and must be completed within 15 days from the proclamation date. (The President will only announce the election date after 9 February.) Voters will receive confirmation of receipt of the VEC10 form and approval to vote abroad via SMS or email.

  • How do I vote abroad?

The receipt that informs you whether you qualify to vote (which you will receive only following the submission of your online VEC10 form) will indicate the South African Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General where voting will take place and the date on which voting will take place (usually a week before the election day in South Africa).

You must take your valid green, bar-coded South African ID book, smart-card ID or temporary identity certificate AND your valid South African passport with you to the diplomatic mission to vote.

For voting times, please check the website of the relevant Embassy, High Commission or Consulate-General.

  • Can I vote before I leave South Africa?

If you are going to be abroad on Election Day and would like to vote in South Africa before Election Day, you may be able to apply for a special vote at your local IEC office. To read more about special votes visit and/or to find your nearest IEC office.

  • More Info

Click here for more detailed info on voting abroad.

You can find the Electoral Commission (IEC) at: