Tea for One


South Africans tend to think of themselves as avid tea drinkers (along with the Brits). I take after my mom and simply cannot function without at least 3 to 4 cups of tea a day. For most, it's coffee, but for me, I much prefer a steaming cup of sweet tea (oh, and it's not real tea unless its 5 Roses!).

When we say tea, most of the time South Africans are referring to black tea, or English Breakfast/Ceylon tea. I drink my tea with milk and sugar, without which it just simply isn't tea.

But since moving to Korea and being invited to friends houses and offered something to drink, I have learnt to always enquire about the kind of tea on offer. There are hundreds of different kinds of tea here in Korea (green tea, brown tea, root tea, ginger tea...the list goes on) and I just can't adjust my taste buds and always turn my nose up unless its 'black tea'.

That is until my American friends Cassandra introduced me to a special blend she loves from the States. She has a whole cupboard full of tea here in Korea, and I have been very hesitant to taste of any of them, but I finally said yes to her offer and I am thrilled i did! And then I proceeded to drink about 4 cups of it. The blend I tried is called 'Evening in Missoula' and consists of chamomile, rosehip, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf, peppermint, spearmint, blackberry leaf, vanilla, passion flower, red clover, star anise, wild cherry bark, lemon peel, wintergreen, and lavender.

Heaven in a cup. Now to get my hands on some of it here....

What tea do you like to drink?

Are you a Chai tea fan? I have heard that Chai lattes are pretty yummy too!