{Me and my Desk}

I'm spending some time here today, brainstorming and thinking about future creative ventures. It's so cold here in Pietermaritzburg, but its a beautiful clear morning full of so many possibilities. Go on a grab life with both hands today!

How to {follow} a blog...

This little post won't be a long one, but hopefully an informative one for my readers who are unsure of what it means to 'follow' a blog.

Following can be done in many ways, the first, which is what most people refer to when they ask "Are you a follower" is done through Google Friend Connect:

You use this little goodie to follow a blog using your email address, and if you have a blog already, when the other blogs you follow post new content, you get a notification on your blogger dashboard. Just click the image to follow CityGirlSearching this way, or click here to do the same. The little number tells me how many people have followed my blog through this way.

Another way to follow is through twitter, facebook or pinterest. Most blogs have got little buttons at the top of their blog which look something like this:

If you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, then you can connect with peoples blogs using your own personal profile. This is great for staying up to date with blogs while on the move. When i take photo's of peoples products etc, I make sure that I try whenever possible to tag those stall holders in my post, using their blog link or Facebook pages.
 It's a nice way to share a bit of love.

Also you can follow a blog their rss feed (the little dot with the waves coming of it) or by subscribing to the blog and getting a email sent to you whenever the blog is updated:

All in all, the choice is yours just how you follow a blog, pick one (or two/three/four!) ways to follow to keep in touch and make sure you never miss out on new content :)


{Blogging For Beginners} a *Pugly Pixel* Post

One of my all time favourite bloggers, Katrina from PuglyPixel, recently wrote a post on blogging for beginners. As I have also been asked this question numerous times before, I thought I'd send you over to her site where she has some great pointers, as well as loads and loads of freebies to make your blog look lovely! Most of what I have learnt in photoshop I've learnt from her super tutorials (which are all free, how nice!). For a very small price ($5) you can register for a month long membership on her site and you have access to everything! How great is that?!

Thank you for all your hard work Katrina, your blog is always such a delight to look through :)

**Award **Time...

Nali (one of the lovliest bloggers I've met *through Cyberspace* so far) @It's the {little} things recently awarded CityGirlSearching with the Liebling award! Yipee!! And it's a wonderful way to share other fabulous blogs with my readers....

The Liebster Blog award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Here are the rules:

  • 1. Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
  • 2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog
  • 3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
  • 4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love, too!
To the following ladies, keep up the wonderful work!

Bobby @ Bobbylicious
Megan @ ChinaDollIllustrations
Jessica-Lee @ Diary-of-a-DayDreamer
Idonette @ D'vineLiving (I don't really know how many followers she has as she isn't on blogger, but I adore her blog!)
Meg @ MeggieFaye

Happy blogging!

Clover...*Way Better*

Last wednesday I was invited to Clover's relaunch at the Alexander Theatre in Braamfontein, Joburg. After getting a little too excited at the fact that I had a press badge, farmboy and myself headed into the crowds to meet some new friends and find out what Clover had up their sleeves...

Meet Clover's CEO, Johann Vorster:

This smiley pic came from the awesome little usb each member of the press *i love the sound of that hehe* received after the event 

“We believe that our new Way Better philosophy, culture and approach will position Clover to interact even more meaningfully with all our stakeholders, all of whom have played a vital role in getting us to where we are today as an industry-leading company listed on the JSE,” Vorster.

And meet Clovers new logo:

So Clover is trying to be better, Way Better in fact. In doing so they are re-launching themselves with new packaging, a new TV advert, a slightly modified logo, all this while still keeping c"love"r at it's centre.

During the evening, we were treated to a three-act theatre enactment of the Way Better philosophy. The play  provided the platform for the new logo and television commercial soon to be launched.

The Milky Way was the theme for the evening, and no expense was spared when it came down to the finer details...like yummy canapés with the names Supernova, Twinkle Tarts and Black Hole. 

And to top it off, balloons were released at the end of the evening, with a note to say that Clover had donated R100 to the Reach for a Dream Foundation on behalf of everyone who had attended the function...nice hey :)

I now leave you with the awesomeness that is Clover's new TV ad...drum roll please...


Early on a recent wednesday evening, a group of 50 enquiring souls streamed into the wonder that is Wolves for a night of wine, socializing, prizes and a red velvet cupcake or two.  The reason I hear you ask? Well, three friends had an idea, an idea which would shake the very ground that Jo'burg stands upon. An idea to hold a get together for all those bloggers residing in the city of gold...

The goodies up for grabs! And of course the vino...
Then venue...Wolves Cafe, Ilovo. 

Playing around with fellow friend & blogger, Lou
 My dear friend Lou and I arrived at Wolves at a fashionably early 17:39 (bear in mind things were only kicking off at 18:00). We sat down awkwardly and ordered some tea, feeling very much like farts in a perfume factory. Luckily, Angie came over and with talk of a raffle & wine, we had made at least one new friend. At that was only the beginning...

The lovely Araffa and Lou on the left, and swopping blog url's...Sarah & Serena
Lou, Serena, Sarah and me...all smiles! And on the right, Michelle & Alma getting ready to win some prizes!
 What a delightful way to spend an evening, chatting away about life in Jo'burg, blogging in Jo'burg and everything in between.

As is the case with most events, one never get's a chance to meet *everyone*. But, to combat this little dilemma, here is a list of all those in attendance and their blog urls! Yay for Jo'burg bloggers! So go on, check them out and get commenting :)

A HuGe thank you to Angie, Nicci, Emma, Natasha & Jo for a stupendous evening! Here's to many more, and to many more amazing raffles (*let's get Mauritius on the cards this time!*)

* Tanya – tan32.wordpress.com
* Roz – jellybeanjourney.wordpress.com (email Roz at wrighttwinmommy@gmail.com for access as her’s is a private blog)
* Gina – gnatj.com
* Hayley – hayleymal.blogspot.com
* Carlette – nunuza.blogspot.com
* Paul – itsjustafantasybaby.blogspot.com (need the proper link asseblief)
* Emma – emmajanenation.com
* Michelle – smokethissxx.blogspot.com
* Lou – thetrialsofmisslola.tumblr.com (computer says no???)
* Natalie – cleomagazine.co.za
* Gareth – garethpon.tumblr.com
* Tamiya – tamiyat.co.za
* Faye – what.to.do.with.daylight.blogspot.com (Blogger does not like this?)
* Yusuf – untitledawearness.com (under construction)
* Megan – waitingformeg.blogspot.com (Second Floor Living)
* Stacey – storyscarves.org/blog
* Ricardo – (waiting for URL)
* Tamaryn – exmi.co.za
* Indianna – nicefind.blogspot.com

Blog Inspiration...

Just wanted to share a few sites with you for when you need a bit of inspiration...some of these sites offer tutorials on making cute things, and others have awesome freebies...check them out:

everything you will ever need to make your blog look fabulous *and it's all free, yippee*
headers, buttons, backgrounds, borders, post dividers...the list goes on!

tutorials on gorgeous things to make like this cute tin:

*click here for the above tutorial*

and this sweet 'thank you' image:

lots of free vinatge style images to play with, like this one:

free image editing site where you can make collages, add text to to images, re-size images and just mess around with their awesome list of effects

Happy Blogging!