Early on a recent wednesday evening, a group of 50 enquiring souls streamed into the wonder that is Wolves for a night of wine, socializing, prizes and a red velvet cupcake or two.  The reason I hear you ask? Well, three friends had an idea, an idea which would shake the very ground that Jo'burg stands upon. An idea to hold a get together for all those bloggers residing in the city of gold...

The goodies up for grabs! And of course the vino...
Then venue...Wolves Cafe, Ilovo. 

Playing around with fellow friend & blogger, Lou
 My dear friend Lou and I arrived at Wolves at a fashionably early 17:39 (bear in mind things were only kicking off at 18:00). We sat down awkwardly and ordered some tea, feeling very much like farts in a perfume factory. Luckily, Angie came over and with talk of a raffle & wine, we had made at least one new friend. At that was only the beginning...

The lovely Araffa and Lou on the left, and swopping blog url's...Sarah & Serena
Lou, Serena, Sarah and me...all smiles! And on the right, Michelle & Alma getting ready to win some prizes!
 What a delightful way to spend an evening, chatting away about life in Jo'burg, blogging in Jo'burg and everything in between.

As is the case with most events, one never get's a chance to meet *everyone*. But, to combat this little dilemma, here is a list of all those in attendance and their blog urls! Yay for Jo'burg bloggers! So go on, check them out and get commenting :)

A HuGe thank you to Angie, Nicci, Emma, Natasha & Jo for a stupendous evening! Here's to many more, and to many more amazing raffles (*let's get Mauritius on the cards this time!*)

* Tanya – tan32.wordpress.com
* Roz – jellybeanjourney.wordpress.com (email Roz at wrighttwinmommy@gmail.com for access as her’s is a private blog)
* Gina – gnatj.com
* Hayley – hayleymal.blogspot.com
* Carlette – nunuza.blogspot.com
* Paul – itsjustafantasybaby.blogspot.com (need the proper link asseblief)
* Emma – emmajanenation.com
* Michelle – smokethissxx.blogspot.com
* Lou – thetrialsofmisslola.tumblr.com (computer says no???)
* Natalie – cleomagazine.co.za
* Gareth – garethpon.tumblr.com
* Tamiya – tamiyat.co.za
* Faye – what.to.do.with.daylight.blogspot.com (Blogger does not like this?)
* Yusuf – untitledawearness.com (under construction)
* Megan – waitingformeg.blogspot.com (Second Floor Living)
* Stacey – storyscarves.org/blog
* Ricardo – (waiting for URL)
* Tamaryn – exmi.co.za
* Indianna – nicefind.blogspot.com