How to {follow} a blog...

This little post won't be a long one, but hopefully an informative one for my readers who are unsure of what it means to 'follow' a blog.

Following can be done in many ways, the first, which is what most people refer to when they ask "Are you a follower" is done through Google Friend Connect:

You use this little goodie to follow a blog using your email address, and if you have a blog already, when the other blogs you follow post new content, you get a notification on your blogger dashboard. Just click the image to follow CityGirlSearching this way, or click here to do the same. The little number tells me how many people have followed my blog through this way.

Another way to follow is through twitter, facebook or pinterest. Most blogs have got little buttons at the top of their blog which look something like this:

If you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest, then you can connect with peoples blogs using your own personal profile. This is great for staying up to date with blogs while on the move. When i take photo's of peoples products etc, I make sure that I try whenever possible to tag those stall holders in my post, using their blog link or Facebook pages.
 It's a nice way to share a bit of love.

Also you can follow a blog their rss feed (the little dot with the waves coming of it) or by subscribing to the blog and getting a email sent to you whenever the blog is updated:

All in all, the choice is yours just how you follow a blog, pick one (or two/three/four!) ways to follow to keep in touch and make sure you never miss out on new content :)