Welcome to the new CityGirlSearching - A blog by CGScreative

Hello friends!

You might have noticed a few changes around here lately, I'm so excited to share more about them with you now.

If this is your first visit here, welcome! I'm Roxy and I'm the blogger and photographer behind CGScreative the business, and CityGirlSearching the blog.


Let me explain.

CityGirlSearching & the Brand Aesthetic

CityGirlSearching was the name I blogged under for the past 6 years, and this blog is the space I shared everything from makeup reviews to travel guides, recipes and photographs from my time spent living and working in South Korea.

I have decided to keep the name of my blog, CityGirlSearching, but I wanted something a little more grown up for the overall umbrella of my business, which has grown into something far bigger than just a blog, read on to find out more.

Below you can see my old logo and profile image.

The CityGirlSearching (CGS) element is still a big part of my new brand, but the blog has grown up a lot, as have I, and so I needed an update. The name of my brand has changed from CityGirlSearching to CGScreative, and I am so excited for what this opens up for me to do.

I DIYed my own branding for the past 6 years (with a little help with my first initial logo which was created for me by a friend back in 2012) and so this time I really wanted to do things properly. I can't expect people to take me seriously and to take their own branding seriously if I don't invest in the necessary things needed to really stand out and make an impact.

I worked with the delightful Lorin from Freckled Design Studio who really had her work cut out for her with my rebrand. I needed something that was still 'pretty' but more grown up and professional.

My new business focuses on providing beautiful brand & stock photography for business owners and creatives who looking to step up their game with their own branding. And so, my own new branding had to convey all of that and still be a little playful and elegant, as well as being timeless. I was very eager to hop on the rose gold and handwritten font bandwagon, but Lorin talked sense into me and I realised I really don't want to be changing my logo and branding every time a new trend comes to town. 

Below is the inspiration board we worked on together for my rebrand. 

citygirlsearching cgscreative blogger how to turn your blog into a business

As you can see, there is still a whole lot of pretty-ness going on, as well as my signature peach/pink colour combo.

I know Lorin must have really had a hard time working with me, because I had been so invested in my brand, having created it myself from scratch so many years ago. I also really AM & LIVE my brand. I AM the CityGirl behind the name, with a love for everything pretty & pink. I really do match my nail colour to my outfit and like to photograph pretty things wherever I go. With all that in mind, I am really thankful that Lorin helped me understand that your brand is so much more than a logo and colour palette. It has to speak to your target audience. Your brand is meant to attract your ideal client, and this is why it's so important to know who they are. Not all my ideal clients love pink! 

Keeping the above in mind, I am so excited to share with you the updated branding for my new baby; CGScreative:

citygirlsearching cgscreative blogger how to turn your blog into a business

CGScreative & CityGirlSearching

I hope you are following along, and haven't been left too confused by the CGS part. Now I want to take some time to explain how the two names are still aligned.

I knew that I still wanted to carry on blogging (it's how everything all began and is something I still love doing) and so have kept the name of the blog to be CityGirlSearching.

I also didn't want to confuse my readers and followers too much with so much change. Because of this, Lorin also created me a new, in-brand & updated logo to use for my blog, that is still inline with the new CGScreative brand: 

This is what you'll see at the top of the blog. If you head on over to the main home page of this site, you'll see the new CGScreative header which ties everything all together.

I will be writing a few more blog posts on my rebrand process and will be putting them all together in my popular blog series called, #FromBlog2Biz.

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Whew! You made it to the end of this long post. 

What did you think? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below if you like the new look! I'd also love to hear if you're going through/have gone through a rebrand yourself and how you've managed to make the leap.

Here's to all of us learning & growing with our brands.