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I met Storm in Korea in 2013 while we were both teaching English in small towns not far from one another. We instantly became friends, not just because we are both South African (South Africans abroad tend to unintentionally seek each other out and end up forming these strange South African friendships circles, no matter how many other different nationalities we spend time with) and this was exactly what happened with us.

We worked on so many wonderful styled shoots together, with her as florist and stylist, and me as photographer (click here to see some of them) and I was very sad when she left Korea at the end of her contract. Now that we are all back in the same country again, the floral photograph can continue! Storm has started her own business (The Holloway Shop) creating and selling custom floral arrangements in Cape Town.

Of course, I couldn't wait to follow her around with my camera and capture all the beautiful things she does.

I am in the process of re-branding and launching my new Brand Photography website (click here to join the waiting list), and one of the services I will be offering is Creative Headshots/Portraits for business owners.

I'm wanting to photograph business owners, 'doing what they do' so that they end up with beautiful and professional headshots of themselves for their websites and social media. 

Here are the photographs I did for Storm and The Holloway Shop.

If you're looking for new headshots for your business, please do get in touch with me! I am available to travel and am currently based between Durban and Johannesburg until early next year. I specialise in unique and creative portraits, and would love to work with you to create beautiful visuals for your brand.

You can find The Hollow Shop at the following places:

Are you looking for updated headshots for your creative business? Get in touch with me today to book your shoot. I'm so looking forward to working with you!