Weekly Wishes {6}


Hello and welcome to my Weekly Wishes series where I talk about my goals and wishes for the week ahead. Popping them here on the blog will hopefully help me to stay on track with the things I want to do or get done. These posts are part of a link up by The Nectar Collective where Melissa has a wonderful community of women who link up their weekly wishes and are there to support and encourage one another. It's also a great way to make new friends and find new blogs to follow, why don't you join me?


I have only one for this week. I wish my Grandpa would get better soon. He had a stroke recently and isn't doing very well. It's so hard being on the other side of the world when family members are sick. Gramps, take it easy and don't eat too many rusks, actually, you can have as many rusks as you like, I'll tell Gran.