Photography Styling Challenge {Living Room}


This months theme for Redesigned by M's Photography Styling Challenge is 'Living Room'. In this challenge the photographs cannot be edited, and only a maximum of five images may be posted. This is always difficult for me as I tend to take so many photographs and I always struggle to choose JUST five. Each one appeals to me in a different way. But, in essence this is exactly the point of the better yourself as a photographer and stylist. 

My first submission was for Morning {click here} followed by Bedroom {click here}, Order {click here}, Patterns {click here}, Fashion {click here} and Light {click here}. Each theme or concept is open to interpretation by the photographer, and it has been really interesting seeing how each of us have handled the themes in our different ways. 

As with all the challenges so far, I had high hopes of being able to style my living room in an interesting and unique way, but we are in the middle of moving apartments (and apartments here in Korea are very different from Western ones) the living room becomes the TV room, the kitchen, the dining room, study, craft room and at times, the bedroom. It was really hard to think of a way to style it in a way that aligns with my photography style.

So instead of putting too much pressure on myself, I am using photographs from a styled shoot I did a few weeks ago. My friend and I did a flower crown photo shoot with our beautiful Korean friend {click here to see the photographs} and these photographs are from the actual making of the flower crown which took place in my living room. I will be doing a full DIY post showing you how to make a flower crown, but here are a few highlights from the shoot. 


The photographs came out a little darker than I had anticipated (and this challenge is all about not editing!) but I quite like the effect they have paired with the rich colours of the flowers and the floor.

I used the following settings on my NIkon d300s & 35mm 1.8 lens:

-ISO 320

-Aperture of 1.8

-Shutter-speed 1/60

-I had my white balance on indoor

I deliberately didn't want to use a flash, but looking back now, if I had a diffuser a flash would have really helped me as it was a cloudy & cold day and there was very little natural light coming in through the windows. But I am happy with how they came out. As always I would love to know your thoughts, please leave me a comment below, I promise to respond!