Sue Ann & Shannon {love shoot}

I took these photographs for a special friend when I was still living in Pietermaritzburg last year. The lovely couple got engaged shortly after our shoot, and were married last weekend. I wanted to share them again with you here on the blog.

It was Autumn in South Africa, and we made full use of the pretty light and colourful leaves.

Wishing you and Shannon every happiness in the the world as you embark on your new adventures together as husband and wife Sue! xxx 

As a photographer it's important to look back on your previous work, and see how much you've grown as a photographer. It's so important to continue to grow and learn...I loved this shoot that I did, and I like how the photographs turned out. But knowing what I know now about my camera there are certain small elements that I would change (for one making sure to back up all my images correctly and in a logical way...I had to download these from Facebook as I can no longer find the original files, so that will explain the slight fuzzy look to them!).

Does looking back at your old work inspire of frighten you? I'd love to know how you feel when looking back <3 x