Traditional Hanbok Wedding Shoot...James & Minhee

Last weekend I went off on a little adventure without my hubby side kick, to the traditional South Korean Hanok Village in Jeonju. It was there that I met up and photographed a delightful couple, James & Minhee.

Mr & Mrs Urban got married in July this year, and as a way of celebrating Minhee's South Korean heritage, they wanted to have some photographs of themselves in the traditional Korean Hanbok (wedding dress) to show James' family back in America. I was thrilled that they chose me to be their photographer, as this is the first shoot of this kind that I have done (and I hope to do many more!). 

James and Minheem you two were a delight to photograph (Minhee was just as easy as sunshine to capture, and her natural beauty just shines editing needed!). 

I wish the two of you have a lifetime of happiness and joy, wherever your futures may lead you.

{Minhee...I hope you enjoy these photographs, the rest of them will be on their way to you soon!}