Fun & Flirty Photoshoot...Laura Whang

Last weekend I took some photographs for a new friend. Readers, meet Laura. Laura is a newlywed, she is married to Rich who is Korean American, and they have just landed on South Korean soil for the start of what will {hopefully be} a long stay. 

I am helping Laura re-brand her blog, which at the moment is housed over here. She writes hilariously about her adventures here in Korea (she is a whole lot more funny than me, and she writes so well). If you'd like to get more of a feel of life here in Korea and the odd things that happen to us on a daily basis, pop ob over to her blog and say hello. I will let you all know when her new site is up and running, and you can get a little feel for the other creative things I have been keeping myself busy with (blog re-branding).