A trip to Korea's most prized possession...Dokdo Island {Instagram}

Farmboy and I were lucky enough to be selected to join a small group of other English Teachers here in South Korea on a trip to Dokdo Island. Dokdo Island is currently part of South Korea territory, but there is constant unrest between Korea and Japan as to who it really belongs to. Us "Foreigners" really had no idea just how patriotic South Koreans feel about the Island, and this trip really opened our eyes to their passion and fighting spirit to keep Dodko Korean.

It was an incredible opportunity that a mere 1% of all South Koreans will ever get a chance to actually see and experience, and for that we are so grateful. The trip was 4 days and 3 nights, full of very long bus trips and ferry rides, strange meals for breakfast and sleeping on the floor. But we were rewarded with spectacular scenery, history, culture and powerful understanding.

Here are a few of my Instagram snaps from the trip.