Blog Post No# 500


Dear readers! Today marked my 500th blog post here on CityGirlSearching. I'm not sure whether I'm more surprised that I've been disciplined enough to keep this little ol' blog going this long, or the fact that I've managed to {create} interesting enough posts to keep my readers coming back. 

I started this blog as away to showcase pretty places I come across here in beautiful South Africa, to review makeup products that don't seem to feature much on the international beauty blogger scene, and it has now grown into so much more. I am now delving deeper into the exciting {but very often daunting} world of photography, and I also had the pleasure of meeting wonderful people through this world of blogging. 

So I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. Seeing new likes on Facebook, finding new followers on Twitter, replying to the blog comments, it all makes me feel very warm and fuzzy inside :)

So here's to another 500 posts...of interesting, original & creative content that keeps you coming back for more!

If there are any posts in particular that you like and would enjoy seeing more of, please do drop me a line in the comments section below.

Happy Sunday!