The Philippines...looking back


While Farmboy and I were teaching English in South Korea in 2010, we spent the second of our holidays with Farmboy's brother and sister-in-law (who were teaching in Japan) in the Philippines. Here are some special photographs, taken by my wonderful husband. I learnt all I know about a camera from him.

We flew from Incheon & landed in Puerto Princessa. From there we took a 9 hour shuttle to El Nido where we spent 6 days, of which were spent on an Island hopping tour. At the time El Nido was incredibly small, with just one road of restaurants and cafes. It has since increased in size but I have heard that it is still a very special place to visit. You can now fly directly into El Nido saving you a very long and uncomfortable ride from Puerto Princessa. If you get to El Nido, make sure to hire a scooter and head of in search of Nacpan beach, a beautiful stretch of coastline.

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