Cetaphil {face care review}


I recently had a short stint on a generic form of Ruaccutane for my problem skin. I had been on Ruaccutane when I was in High School and it had done wonders for my skin, but for who knows what reasons, my skin decided to act up again. I tried all sorts of lotions and potions, anti-biotics and finally had had enough, so I chatted to my Doctor about another course of these pills. I can't even begin to explain what a difference I've seen in my skin. It is crystal clear now, and I barely ever wear any foundation anymore.

But, although seeming to be a wonder product, there are lots of side effects to this drug, and anyone considering it should have a thorough chat to their doctor before making a decision. For me the worst side effect was dryness. My skin, nose, lips and hair became incredibly dry (this was great as my hair just never got greasy) but not so great as nothing I tried could take away the dryness. Finally, I thought I would give Cetaphil a try. I had always heard dermatologists recommended Cetaphil to their patients  before or after any treatments, but the packaging always looked so unappealing. And considering that I am a self confessed package junkie (often buying products just because they look pretty on the shelf...how silly I know!) I was reluctant at first.

But, these plain little bottles and tubes were a life saver. They were the only products that calmed my skin, restored moisture, and left my face feeling supple, fresh, and clean all day. The UVA/UVB defense is excellent for sun protection, and although it does leave the skin a little greasy, wrinkles aren't a good look either, and you can feel the protection on your skin from the get go. All products in the range are fragrance free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for any number of sensitive skins.

I found these to be much cheaper at Dischem than Clicks, with savings of more than R50 per product at the time of purchase. The Cleansing Lotion 125ml was around the R65 (if i can remember correctly) and the Moisturizing Cream & UVA/UVB Defense were both around the R80 mark. All in all these products were fantastic for my very dry skin, and I would definitely recommend them.