2 Months to the {Wedding}

In just under 2 months time, I will be walking down the aisle. My my, the time has just flown past! Farmboy proposed (click here for the full post on how he popped the question!) on the 11th March this year, and 6 months felt like a perfect time to get everything done. But with only a few weekends left to get everything done, I am definitely starting to feel the pressure.

So, I thought I'd write a quick little list (l just love writing lists! And when they are written on cute stationary like this, I could write them forever!) of things that we have got done so far, and then of course there's what still needs to be done...

Now that all that is ticked off, I feel so much better! That is, until I turn over and see the To Do list glaring back at me...things like rings, favours and flowers oh my!