I loved this week's theme for our photo challenge! Thanks to everyone who sent through a submission, they are all just so, well, *happy*.

 Well done everyone :)

And we have a new member to add to our team, welcome Keith! I am looking forward to seeing your photo's!

 As promised, I will be asking my awesome photographer friend Carmen, to choose her favourite photo, and I will post it on the Facebook page.

 So check back this afternoon for the winner of this week's challenge!

Every week, the team is given a theme (each team member is given a chance to choose the theme for the week) and then each person has 7 days to take the perfect picture. It can be as edited or as natural as you like, the only rule is it has to be submitted to me by Sunday evening (South African time) so that I can get the post up asap on Sunday night/early Monday morning! 

{If you'd like to join in, just drop me a line at citygirlsearching@gmail.com and I will send you that week's theme and you can get started right away}

"Living the good life"
Taken by: Roxy

"Joyous Jess"
Taken by: Keith
"I found happiness"
Taken by: Cathy
Taken by: Natale

Taken by: Lisa 
"Super Zoe-be the hero of your own life story!"
Taken by: Meg