Planning a Location Wedding...{4 months before}

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One of the greatest hurdles when planning a location wedding (a location wedding being a wedding not held at a specified venue that would organize the catering side of the event) is getting a caterer that can do the following:

a) cater for your number of guests (in our case 160- 180)

b) specializes in your particular food style

c) is able/happy to cater for your function at your location

d) is available!

Let me tell you something, to find someone who does all of the above is no easy feat! I spent many hours trawling the internet to find 'the one' and, after much frustration and anguish, was referred to Sarah from Harris and Homes in Durban.

Sarah has been incredible to work with so far, with a menu that includes the likes of "cream cheese stuffed dates skewered with parma ham" and "marinated lamb cutlets with coriander and honey" I am hoping that I have enough time in between greeting guests to fill my tummy!

Farmboy and I met with Sarah last weekend when she came to see the farm and chat to us about the logisitics of catering for the number of guests we are having. She was amazing at giving us loads of practical advice when it came to the many bumps and niggles we came across, while also giving us idea's for things we hadn't even thought about yet.

 Sarah, Farmboy and I are happy that you will be catering for us for our wedding, and we are so looking forward to the food!

The Harris & Homes website is under construction, but in the mean time you can contact Sarah direct on 074 183 8745