How to build a brick book shelf {part 1}

Having moved/downgraded into a little 1 bedroom flat here in Pietermaritzburg, I have had to be really creative with my use of space. And with my fiance moving in with me when we are married in September, I/we have had to think very hard about ways to store all my stuff (and boy do I have a lot of stuff! I'm not sure how iImanage to collect so many bits and pieces in the short space of 6 months!). 

One thing that I do have lot of is files and books (at the moment I will blame that on being a student) and Farmboy hates them! He thinks they are a complete waste of space, and no matter how many times I tell him I need them next to my desk at all times, he just won't have it. That is, until I gave him the task of building me a book shelf. And, here we are. With something that not only looks really awesome, but is able to hold everything! 

I will post the final product soon!

Now, if only I had more cupboard space...