*A proper cup of coffee from a proper coffee pot* and a Mobler goodie

A little while ago I did a post on these cute espresso cups I found at @Home for R39.99. Well, I found another set at the @Home here in Ballito for R25! It was the last set in stock, hence the lovely price tag.

 Farmboy bought himself a percolator (that funny looking silver thing on the stove which when boiled sends jets of steam through ground coffee beans and creates espresso like coffee). The other funny looking gadget with the white lid is a handheld coffee grinder I found at a local Hospice shop and was one of Farmboy's Christmas prezzies.
Although the first batch of coffee turned out a bit too strong for my liking, the next cup was just right! Nothing like a proper cup of coffee from a proper coffee pot!

*these were taken with Instagram*

I found the perfect breadboard (in the first pic) at Market on Main in Joburg. It's handmade by a friendly chap called Markus who makes all kinds of weird and wonderful things. His brand is called Möbler (click here for the website and click here to join him on Facebook) and he also does commission work. Here are a few shots of what he makes: