Clinique *All About Eyes* {Review}

I first started using eye creams when I got this little guy in a free gift from Clinique. I am 23 years old, and from what I have gathered about eye creams and the why's and who's, it seems to be recommended that one uses it from about the age of 25. At first it just sat on my shelf until I stumbled upon a forum somewhere that spoke about the different eye creams being for different skin types/ages/ethnic backgrounds and it all just got a bit complicated. 

I came across Nivea's Aqua Sensation Anti-Shadow eye cream, and having not ever noticed shadows before, I suddenly started seeing them. On the back of the box it says for those in their early twenties who need more 'shadow control than lift' so I thought I'd give it a bash. I didn't notice any changes after about 1 month of use, apart from my eyes always feeling very refreshed and 'clean'. Feeling snobbish I took out the clinique sample and got creaming. I must say, as much as I want to rave about this product, it didn't really do anything. I'd like to think this is because I dont have anything for it to work on, but I'm not sure. I did like the texture (and of course the colour too!). My sample lasted a good 5 months of everyday use. I wouldn't go out and buy it for myself, but if I got another sample I would definitely give it another go.

Get it at your nearest Clinique Stockist (Edgars, Red Square, some Dischems, Foshini) for somewhere around the R220 mark