MAC Fix+

I've had this 'fix' spray for a while (ok, a little more than a while, like maybe a few years of a while) and have only recently hauled it out of my cupboard for a closer look. I bought it when I had my makeup done at a MAC counter, along with all the other bits and pieces that those very sneaky makeup artists get you to purchase only after you get your makeup done. And well, I sort of had no idea what it was for. The lady who helped me told me it was a "refreshing facial mist" Ok, so now after using it over my makeup I've found it actually does prolongs the life of my face paint (face paint being Farmboy's own term for the numerous products I 'slap' on).

When it comes to prolonging the wear of your makeup, there are a lot of factors to consider; the humidity, the type of face cream you use, whether or not you've used a primer, loose powder to set the foundation...the list goes on. So here's the truth. When using this spray over my makeup (without using a primer) it does make it last longer than without using the spray. How much longer, well that would be a guess on my part. Anyway, I love the smell and the feel of the mist on my skin and would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for something a little different in terms of makeup. I give this a 4/5.
Find it at your nearest MAC counter for +-R190.