Glass Week **Day 1**

Today marks the start of Glass Week, and to celebrate (it might not sound like the most exciting thing in the world to be celebrating but bear with me here) I'm going to do a few posts on why YOU should choose glass. We are all up to our noses with information on all the gazillion ways to recylce and keep our planet healthy, well here are a few unique ways that not only look pretty, but also help to keep our earth a little greener :)

"Glass is infinitely recyclable. Our legacies are shaped by our decisions.  You can choose to make yours one of preservation, respect and good taste.  The glass you use every day begins its life as sand and retains its composition to the last molecule. This makes glass all natural and 100% recyclable.  With this in mind, it’s perfectly clear why glass packaging is the environmentally-conscious choice.  Choose to recycle.  Choose glass."

To find out more about glass week, check out Consol's Facebook page and follow the on twitter!

To find a glass bank in your area simply sms “GLASS” and the name of your suburb to 32310. SMS costs R1